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Why at them in parks it is pure, and at us... not really? To an Earth Day Very popular type of Saturday or Sunday rest of Russians is devoted to

(and not only) any city of the USA - to gather on party in some park a family or the company to fry burghers, sausages or shish kebabs on a grill, to communicate, take a walk, run about outdoors. Especially often Russians gather for any picnics in parks of Houston, the benefit climate allows to do it all the year round. And in my first arrivals to the USA when the son lived in states Ohio and Indiana, in the same way in warm days we left on mass meetings - parties in parks with indispensable shish kebabs and a barbecue.

One and all municipal and state parks of the USA are adapted for mass rest of people. At entrances to park - the pure asphalted or concreted platforms for the parking of cars. There are playgrounds with a swing, hills and other devices for a lasagna, special bicycle paths and walking tracks, in some there are basketball or volleyball courts, by all means pure toilets with water and toilet paper (the more the park, the is more than similar institutions). And of course, on lawns places for picnics are equipped.

There is a lot of them. There are braziers with lattices or as Americans call - a barbecue, two - three big tables with benches, sometimes from a tree, sometimes stone, and the column often is near tap water. Come, bring with yourself coal or firewood - as it is pleasant to a lump more, and fry to yourself, anything. If the company big, it is possible to take the located places a little nearby. Besides, in each park there are covered places for picnics, these are big platforms with a canopy, with the crane and a sink for washing, and a big grill where nearly whole pig it is possible to fry. In some parks, especially in a predveriya of some general holidays when to have a rest the mass of the people goes, for such covered places it is necessary to submit the preliminary application to management of park, sometimes for it the small payment is raised. And surely either huge barrels, or any other trash bins in which the black strong plastic bag is filled are put everywhere.

On Saturdays and Sundays when there is a lot of vacationers, across the park territory regularly there goes the special car with workers - check whether all as it should be in toilets, is taken away if it is necessary, bags with garbage. In parks of the USA it is forbidden to drink any alcoholic beverages including beer. And it must be said, all follow this rule, except Russians. Well our people without alcohol how a shish kebab or fried sausages without beer or dry wine cannot have a rest? Therefore go on tricks. On beer bottles and banks dress special covers or wrap up in a napkin, and spill wine on glasses and at once clean a bottle in a bag. Once on a big party organizers brought red wine in an old samovar, another time - in a big Chinese thermos. Though, lately never drunk after such meetings it was not necessary to see, all somehow moderately and decently. And garbage never leave behind.

And how our, Russian parks for rest of the population are equipped? Never for all long life saw any park where though something would bear a faint resemblance to parks of the USA, i.e. conveniences to visitors are created. In St. Petersburg many green corners in the center are called parks, but these are rather squares or gardens: Summer garden, Aleksandrovsky, Taurian, Field of Mars etc. The speech not about them. Before the Central recreation park of S. M. Kirov enjoyed wide popularity (TSPKIO). After war two big Victory parks - Moscow, at the " subway were put; Victory park and Seaside, on the Krestovsky island, opposite to TSPKIO. Still there are within the city big forest parks Sosnovka, Specific, the park 300 - the anniversaries of St. Petersburg and parks in a residential suburb is recently put. In Soviet period in TSPKIO of Kirov filled in skating rinks in the winter, the boat station worked in the summer, there were about ten attractions which - where there were benches, stalls worked with drinks and pies. In 90 - e years all this disappeared, and present TSPKIO represents quite sad show, it is even difficult to find a ballot box for garbage, not only benches or a toilet. A similar picture in all parks.

On the Krestovsky island from Seaside Victory park cut off the big piece was also given for commercial center of entertainments under the name Miracle island . Constructed a set of attractions, decorated the territory with various beds and figures, but to take a walk there with a family, with children even within an hour will cost you in a half of an average monthly salary of the Petersburger, the price such biting ! And if also children - well want to have a bite, keep parents! Even ice cream is 4 times more expensive, than in a stall behind a fencing of park. And very few citizens can afford similar entertainment, or it is necessary - to save up half a year year money that once to indulge children in Miracle island . I not against attractions and amusement parks, also think what it is not obligatory for us to do as to the USA, places for picnics with braziers (though it would please much), but benches, ballot boxes and free toilets have to be!

And in forest parks except soil paths there is nothing, any signs demonstrating that it is park, but not the wild wood any more at all. Under garbage heap bushes if people come just to sit in the summer afternoon on air, to find not dirtied place - a problem. My friend goes to bathe to Kavgolovo in the summer as there conveniently and quickly to reach by her by an electric train. There is a beach on the Big Kavgolovsky lake and nearby small Liski. Somehow I went with it there too. What sad picture! On a narrow strip of the beach so much any stuff is outlined that not that to lay down - there is no place to step. It is necessary to pass more than a kilometer, far away from station to find the place slightly more purely. Not better a picture and in the wood - in each pole, under bushes and at roots of pines of a dump: banks, bottles, packages, paper - traces of picnics of our citizens. What here rest! In general in the summer in St. Petersburg to bathe somewhere the big problem!

In recent years, at last, ecological groups of volunteers - volunteers for whom the condition of our nature is not indifferent began to appear. These volunteers come to community work days in the spring and clear of garbage beaches and parks, however, all this is preserved in purity very not for long. Because it is much easier to litter, than to clean. And so far all people will not understand that it is pure where do not litter, and will not cease to leave behind everything that served - from stubs and candy candy wrappers to cans, bottles, bags and other in any place, hardly volunteers will make our parks and the woods is purer! And the nature itself is not able to self-clean any more because present packing materials practically do not decay.

Let`s protect the nature, our beautiful planet Earth, and not only on the Earth Day!