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What can be expected from restaurant on the American gas station?

If you want to make something, you will find a way. If you do not want anything to do, you will find the reason

American saying.

The holiday - came on April 1. I love this holiday, his and my American husband loves. Every year we try to think up draws and jokes, but the victory in this competition certainly belongs to my husband who last year invited me to a refined dinner in restaurant... on a gas station.

Tasty we like to eat too, but by this time I already lived in America more than 10 years therefore I approximately represented what food happens on gas stations - bags of chips and at best - sandwiches... I was intrigued - in what a joke?

And the joke turned out that on this this gas station the kitchen appeared above any praises - entered the menu: the mushroom hats stuffed with cheese or snails; the artichokes stuffed with crabs; the freshest vegetables salad with the salad gas station produced on site; the seafood soups served in grain loaves; crabs cutlets; shrimps in garlick sauce; a duck in orange sauce; a saddle of a lamb with mint sauce; lobster; a salmon on a grill; veal, beef and pork in numerous variations, not to mention chickens and such classics as the eggplant in parmezanovy sauce given with fettuchina paste.

There were also sandwiches - for example, Monte - Cristo the cheese, ham and turkey sandwich fried in dough and strewed with icing sugar, and hamburger and cheeseburgers prepared directly in the eyes from forcemeat and expired meat juice, but were not taken out from the frozen box...

The hall with little tables was small - the gas station everything is! In one end of the hall there was completely open kitchen where reigned ugolno - the black chef, and on the hall about six waiters under the leadership of the red-haired lady rushed. In the doorway the turn accumulated... My curiosity everything grew and grew, and eventually overflowed - I, as usual, began to ask questions.

History was fascinating. Ugolno - the black chief Frenson and the red-haired lady Paula were the husband and the wife. Frenson arrived to America from Nigeria and at first was going to become the pilot, but then his passion to cookery overcame, and he some time worked at restaurant - at first scullion and then grew also to the chief - cooks. Paula worked as the accountant and the consultant for capital investments.

In 2003 couple decided that it is time to open own restaurant, and addressed to bank behind a loan - by their calculations, they needed 1 million dollars. The bank on restaurant refused a loan as restaurants are considered most as ventures for capital investments, but agreed to give the required sum on construction and opening... gas stations.

Gas station? There would be a desire... Having received money, Paula and Frenson fast made some changes to typical planning of a gas station, having added kitchen to the building, and so there was a unique restaurant having the name - At the chief but known more as Gas station . At restaurant all family works - children Hope and Nathan work as waiters.

Rumors about unusual restaurant were quickly spread around, and the people tumbled down in Gas station . Articles about the chief Frenson and his enterprise began to be published in newspapers and magazines, and not only local. It was necessary to employ assistants on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, and turns of persons interested everything grew and grew. Eventually this year Paula and Frenson bought a ground directly behind a gas station to extend...

Here truly - if life gives you lemons, do lemonade as speak at us in America.