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How to be a good tutor?

At first acquaintances asked me to work English with the boy of 10 years. And what? I know language how taught English me at such age - I remember, textbooks are available. So my work as the tutor began.

The first that I asked mother of my ward - and whether HE wants to learn language, or is mother with the father burn with desire that the son was at business? She validly looked at me and assured that the boy dreams of it that he was engaged with the teacher who urgently left, and the child well about - about - very much does not want to stop studying English.

As I understood then, my question is very correct step for those who begin to a pit tutor. Unfortunately what mother will always tell Of course, he wants I understood later. As the situation is actually - the history which was more confused.

We began with the unpretentious textbook for children - the most available and at the same time rich dictionary, classical exercises. We were engaged two times a week, and I told at once that it is a minimum in order that language was acquired. At first everything went quite not bad - my pupil it is ashamed learned and worked, and even called me on You though I also am much younger than his young mother. Learning English quite densely since seven years, I decided that to go according to the classical scheme - a transcription, the alphabet, grammar bases, skills of reading and the translation is an optimum step in order that the child had fundamental knowledge.

Approximately in a month of occupation were reduced to one in a week. As a rule, for the admission of the second there were powerful reasons. Homeworks were performed before an exit to occupation, and oral were at all ignored. Therefore attempts to study texts, dialogues and just the word were unsuccessful. At it the desire something was obviously not observed to study, and at me the desire to something was gone to learn. On one of occupations he told that it the last as soon vacation. After them it did not appear at all.

Next year I began to be engaged with three girls. One admitted that English - not its elements, but it is necessary, so it is necessary. And to it I tried to find approach, departed from the textbook and undertook texts - to acquire everything - both reading, and a pronunciation, and the translation. Its level was very weak, and, considering it, I took for a start (where it is simpler!) Russian fairy tale. It then I understood that now in 13 years it even for the translation by it is uninteresting - Internet access and communication with the maturing peers gives them much more interestingly - juicy information.

Two other girls were quite clever and diligent, quickly grabbed and showed interest in all events. I set to myself the object to be not a strict teacher, but the assistant. And at first at us it turned out - they with pleasure studied everything, we diluted process with amusing stories, tied it to English. At the same time they could gossip with me about school life and brag of a new jacket. To hold a distance it appeared not easy. They began to be interested in my private life soon, and I understood that too it is necessary to be the friend moderately.

It is good that such experience - it not only teaching, it also everyday. I am glad that gave to these children that could. And that they took that could and wanted. Now I do not teach private lessons, and precisely I know why. And for this reason I know what advice to give that to whom they will be useful.

If you want to be the tutor, for a start solve for yourself - whether you in yourself feel forces and knowledge which can share? And whether you have time which you want to devote it? If yes - we pass to pupils. A task number of times - ask the child alone whether he wants to be engaged and if is not present - you the refusal will remove heavy freight both from yourself, and from it at once. If he does not want - not to enclose knowledge in him in any way, and you will be responsible for zero result before parents, but not their child.

At once define for yourself the role - the teacher, the friend, the mentor - whom you will be for him. Of course, this role will become clear in the course of work, but you cannot lurch from one extreme to the other - here to be kind, and here - strict. I will remind that Mary Poppins differed in enviable constancy... But, being a classical teacher, do not create a wall between you, otherwise will difficult understand each other. And, having chosen a role of the good friend, do not allow to mount to itself upon a neck.

Decide on the choice of strategy of occupations. The pupil - the more variety is younger and game elements it is possible to bring in studying of a subject, the computer and audio recordings can be good assistants. Only do not lose a language essence in entertaining occupations. Your main objective - to teach the child to bases, but not to play with him games. Teenagers are more adapted for perception of a serious format. Enter the system of estimation - though it and not school, but estimates create incentive.

Well and, of course, be an example for them - develop and improved. Show that you work on yourself and the knowledge that you the expert. Be not afraid to give constructive criticism, be fair in estimates and are lavish in praises.

... Main thing. Successful work is a collaboration when you put and feel return. Therefore besides councils one big wish - clever, diligent and grateful pupils!