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How to find a common language with all zodiac signs? Councils for Aquarius of

Aquarius loves changes and does not take out boredom, but, despite it, their internal beliefs cannot almost be shaken. They are stubborn and capricious. To avoid half-words in communication, do the amendment on zodiac sign of people.

The goat hates big changes. But you need some support. The goat likes to predominate. Your task - it is soft to direct the pighead. Not so stale Capricorns and cold what pretend to be. Sometimes they even to themselves do not admit that they want to get up something from your repertoire. Listen to the intuition.

The Aquarius is stubborn, and two Aquarius - it are already simple persistence. Be not too exacting to each other, direct the forces to the peace course better and try to find the original solution. Please each other with surprises and all what is pleasant to you. Together it will not be boring for you.

you will hardly be able to surprise fishes. They are evasive and unreliable, do not love when they order them, but also do not hurry to act. However Fishes are emotionally reliable and will always help you at a difficult moment if only you do not push away them sharp changes of mood.

Arieses require attention to themselves. Sometimes it is even too persistent. But you try to concentrate and for a second to forget about all thoughts which in itself crowd in your head - and Arieses will show with what they can be grateful, keen, kind and noble. Actually it is easy to offend Arieses dispassionateness. Speak with them honestly and about everything, they are magnificent companions!

Tauruses well will understand conservative part of your personality, but for the rest you will seem to them very excentric. Consider it when you accuse quiet, reasonable Tauruses of predictability and a skuchnost. But they will be infinitely patient and careful if you are just honest with them.

Twins will understand the majority of your ideas and thoughts (especially those which others will count as wild behavior). Only sometimes it seems that Twins deceive you. But it is necessary just to get used that they seldom say what they think of. Trust them. And together you will be able to work wonders!

Cancer clings to memoirs. The Aquarius can bring it to a nervous breakdown. Crayfish of a melochna, are fussy, like to direct, and you not from those who agree to submit. Do not demand from Cancers of disclosure all of them secrets, to them from it it is uncomfortable. And together you will manage to get rid of all conventions and prejudices.

A lion - your antisign. The lion will never concede, he is not less stubborn, than you. He will pretend that he completely understands you, but will learn it not at once. The lion is proud and waits for care and respect. Try to teach Lviv to the fact that it is unimportant that others think of you. With Lev Vodoley can understand that such unity of contrasts.

Maidens are polite and old-fashioned, practical and patient. And if they begin to grumble, complain and carp, so you just too inconsiderately use their loyalty. Do not allow the Maiden to miss (it - is a duck soup for Aquarius), but you watch to going too far. Near Maidens it is possible to get easily and reliably on feet.

you can talk to Scales on any subject. It leaves easily and easy as though you are familiar one hundred years. And if everyone does not pull a blanket on itself(himself) (and it will be wanted), you will not find closer friend. You can solve almost any problem, having just discussed it.

The scorpion lacks ability to be liberated and self-actualize as you are able it. They can try to understand you and to consider all your original tricks as a freedom of expression if you remember that the quieter the Scorpion looks, the explosion of its emotional volcano is closer. You are united by independence, self-confidence and will power. But never forget that the Scorpion always remembers offenses.

Sagittariuses it is sincere, are friendly, you will be touched up to the soul depth by their vivacity and bravery. The Sagittarius is open and always seeks to be oneself. But sometimes he is excessively skeptical and refuses to divide imaginations of Aquarius. Despite it, your friendship will never be grounded since to you will always be about what to talk.

Try to look for in people of advantage - and let communication will be in pleasure!

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