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How to celebrate the International Earth Day?

The Earth Day is a day of responsibility to our planet, responsibility to people who inhabit it, to the nature which part we are . S. P. Kapitsa.

Every year in the spring in the different countries of the Planet celebrate a holiday very clear to all twice - the International Earth Day having different semantic loading. The first time the Earth Day is celebrated on March 21, in day of the vernal equinox when in the northern hemisphere the spring begins. founded this holiday according to the decision of the UN in 1971 when the secretary general of that time At Tan signed the special appeal to people of the Earth. This day in the different countries the World Bell urging people to cherish the peace and life on the Planet, to promote friendship and mutual understanding of all people sounds. Also words from K. Muradeli`s song on A. Sobolev`s words " come back to memory; Bukhenvaldsky alarm : People of the world, be more sharp-sighted three times, cherish the peace, cherish the peace ! Of course, authors of the song urged to cherish the peace from war, but now for the planet not smaller danger is constituted by environmental problems.

The first Bell of the World was established in June, 1954 in a staff - the UN apartment, in the Japanese court yard. It was cast in Japan from the coins collected by children from 60 countries and donated by the Japanese association of assistance of the UN. The inscription on the Bell says: Long live universal peace around the world . In 1996 established just the same bell of the UN in Vienna. World bells at the end of the XX century were established more than in twenty countries - Poland and Turkey, in Mexico and Australia, Mongolia and Philippines, in Canada and Brazil, Germany and Japan, Argentina and Ecuador.

In Russia for the first time the stock The World Bell on the Earth Day it was carried out in 1998 in Moscow, her organizers became the International center - the museum of a name N. To. Roerich, International humanitarian fund Knowledge Federation of astronautics of Russia, International Association of funds of the World. Now bells of the World sound and in other cities of Russia, however, more often at us celebrate the Earth Day not on March 21, and on April 22.

The Earth Day which is celebrated on April 22 can be not so paraden and is solemn, is not followed by bell-ringing, it is possible to call it a festival of clear water, the earth and air - everything that is necessary for life. There was this holiday in the 19th century in the USA, at the initiative of the administrator, and is later than the minister of agriculture of the State of Nebraska, J. Sterling Morton. This staff is located in boundless treeless prairies where seldom growing groves were cut down on construction and firewood. Morton living in staff since 1840 suggested to be engaged in gardening, to arrange Day of a tree and to found a prize to the one who this day will put the greatest number of trees. Only in the first Day of a tree, on April 10, 1872, residents of the state planted about one million trees. Later, in 1882, the government staff founded Day of a tree as an official holiday, and began to mark out him on April 22, at birthday of Morton.

Gained the international Earth Day value since 1970 when over 20 million people in the different countries of the world participated in various ecological actions. And since 1990 on April 22 is declared by the International Earth Day, he is marked out by inhabitants of the majority of the countries of the World. In Russia the Earth Day is celebrated since 1992. By tradition this day everyone takes part in improvement and gardening of the yards and streets, various ecological actions. And whether there is a lot of at us, in Russia, such persons interested? And in general, how we treat the Earth, the city, the street? Whether we love our planet?

The senior generation well remembers that the day at us in the country was always celebrated on April 22 as birthday of V. I. Lenina, and in honor of it communistic community work days were held. In the different cities it became on a miscellaneous, but often during community work days people cleaned domestic territories, nearby parks and squares, planted trees and bushes. Unless bad there was a tradition? It was possible just to change the name, but to do good deeds for the Earth. Then, in 90 - e years, this tradition came to naught. Now it is difficult to persuade inhabitants of the house to come to a couple of hours at least once a year to tidy up a site around entrances, to plant flowers or bushes.

Long since in Russia was considered that the person executed the mission on Earth if built the house, planted a tree, brought up the son. About the house - yes, many, if not the house, then the apartment - for themselves anyway build. And sons or daughters are raised. And on the seasonal dachas many plant trees, creating the small green world. And as it would be good if each person planted at least one tree or a bush not only in the kitchen garden, but also in the city, at the house where he lives, in park or the square!

I remember that in polar Naryan - to Mara we, graduates of school, in day of the Last call put about the school building of a willow, brought from the tundra. Not all of course, got accustomed, climate - that very severe, but carried out landing every year, and there high shady trees grow now. And the former seven-year school has a number of the fir-trees too planted in 50 - e years pupils. Since school years the desire to plant trees remained and where I lived, remained " everywhere; my trees . In Klaipeda, to 100 - to the anniversary since the birth of V. I. Lenin, during a community work day, teachers, seniors and inhabitants of the neighboring houses broke park on the waste ground - planted 100 various trees, generally oaks. Now it is a fine green corner about the 11th high school. In St. Petersburg 12 years ago under a window thrust the thin twig of a bird cherry taken from the wood, and a row several bushes of a dogrose. And now my bird cherry was extended to the third floor, and becomes covered by white flowers in the spring, and the dogrose blossoms all summer, being pleasing to the eye. Now here and my trees grow in Houston - in January put near the house three of a citrus of a sapling - orange, a lemon and tangerine. I hope that will get accustomed. Perhaps, I will also not wait for fruits, but as in L. N. Tolstoy`s story - I will not wait, others will wait, will remember and will tell thanks.

Not only planting of trees it is possible to celebrate the Earth Day. In some cities of Russia this day is already designated Day of parks and carry out actions of cleaning them from garbage. Our parks, squares, beaches and many yards just drown in mountains of household waste, and municipal services do not cope with cleaning. We began to get used that along roads heaps of a plastic container, banks from under drinks and canned food, bags, etc. lie. In the woods and parks after picnics there is a lot of any stuff too. At the beginning of summer of service clean places of public rest, but the garbage appears much quicker again. It is known long ago - purely not there where sweep, and there where do not litter! What does each of us should clean right after himself when we have a rest in the wood, on the beach, in park? To put in a sack and to bring to the next garbage container, as a last resort, to the house dustbin? Let`s amicably protect our native earth, and not only on the Earth Day, and it is constant.

Happening abroad, in Europe and in the USA, we are surprised that there it is very pure not only on city streets, but also in parks and the woods. Why? About it there will be following article.