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What is IP - video surveillance and what it is eaten with? (Part 1) of

During an era of worship and an enlightenment of the computer equipment seem that the personal computer (PC) will not bypass any field of activity of the person. There did not pass the personal computer and by security systems. And it is valid, and just to think of introduction in security systems of this technical tool capable to process, analyze, and in certain cases, excludes such emotionally unstable phenomenon as a human factor. The most active gait of the personal computer takes root into systems of security video surveillance. It is a little theory, for fans of exact definitions and formulations. Formation of such direction as IP - video surveillance, is obviously possible as a result of process of called convergence . In this context we will understand as convergence, merge of two directions, IT - technologies (IT - information technologies, deal with use of the personal computer and the software for storage, transformation, protection, processing, transfer and obtaining information) and actually systems of video surveillance.

So, knowing convergence, we can go in two ways of creation of IP - systems of video surveillance.

First way.

Creation of so-called hybrid system, use of the existing analog system of video surveillance and introduction of IP in it - a video equipment. What for this purpose it to be necessary for us? Analog video cameras, the local network Ethernet/Fast Ethernet, IP - video - coders from the transferring party and IP - video - decoders from a host. Let`s a little understand functionality of the given equipment. IP - video - the coder, carries out a compression, compression, coding of the analog video signal arriving from an analog video camera. IP - video - the decoder carries out the return transformation for the purpose of receiving an analog signal.

Second way.

Creation of conceptually new system which is completely constructed on specialized IP - video equipment. In this case it is required to us, IP - video cameras which already contain the device of a compression and digitization of a signal, and also built-in web - the server allowing to look through the image with any connected in the personal computer network. In the presence of a large number of chambers we will also use switchboards and routers. The convenient system of storage of video on hard drives, will not bring already a lot of trouble, due to the lack of need to use a huge number of video films.

We will note the main advantages:

it is Wednesday of transfer of video, in IP - system the cable of twisted couple which is much lower at the cost of the coaxial cable used in analog systems is used;

advantage of a signal transmission in the area of the local computer network with use of the Ethernet/Fast Ethernet standards, with a packet transmission of information;

control of functions of management and monitoring will take less time, thanks to the specialized software;

the system of video registration can be already carried out at the level hardware - a program complex and to contain a set of service functions which in many respects will facilitate work with system;

and as it was already noted, the possibility of storage of the massifs of hard drives which are video given with use, will make system of storage more flexible and reliable.

If to speak about IP system cost - video surveillances, it is possible to note that, of course, it is necessary to pay much for quality and in this aspect the analog system is more available so far. But at more detailed studying of opportunities and technical features of IP - supervision, it is possible to be convinced that it is worth it.