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How it is correct to save?

the Financial and economic crisis now - hot subject. If personally it still did not concern you, then you are a representative of happy minority because generally there, in the real world, the people are ruined (then sometimes commits suicide), loses work and has problems with payment of the taken credits - or on the fault, or from - for untidiness of banks. Generally, situation intense.

If absolutely on the contrary - you pecked on heading because there came the full paragraph, - that, alas, chances are big that to read this article already a little rather late.

In general, of course to save is the last business. It is necessary not to cut expenses, and to increase the income. On the other hand, we just not by the night mentioned crisis. You know, not small, tea, with increase in the income now a crunch - the people have no money, all save. Well, and we that - we, as all. So we will drink for that little birdie that she any more never came off " collective;.

So if having given in to general hysteria apropos and what will be " tomorrow; you decided to save and postpone for rainy day then try to do it competently, but not as all. The main precept of competent economy essence preservation of a habitual standard of living and comfort . That is to pass from qualitative food and clothes, to refuse completely something is your last boundary of protection. If secures, you will depart also on it, but - that you do not hurry, let`s themselves force.

A typical negative example - a horror story, the scenario which you have to avoid in every way, such: the person loses the work giving him the lion`s share of the regular income, cannot get other job and, without having essential accumulation, decides to cut down operating costs as much as possible. Refuses visits of sports club, buys cheap clothes, saves on the stomatologist - and so on and so on.

Mentality - piece thin. The person himself does not notice how falls . What was unacceptable earlier is already admissible, and after a while becomes norm. And now present that through some time an opportunity to apply for a position, say, of the head of the sales department or the leading marketing specialist smiles to this person. And how it will look on interview? It is very possible that its psychology will already stop being psychology of the successful person, psychology of the winner, and will become psychology of the unemployed. Life defines consciousness - old truth.

And now present yourself on the place of the employer: you need such employee? You will have enough means, patience, desire and opportunities to warm this person and to return him optimism? Business - sometimes very rigid piece poorly compatible to charity. This is already then the survivor one of hundred will share a piece of pie And most likely with disabled people, pensioners and children, and at all not with you, the jobless simulator.

So if you despite everything all - decided to save, try to make something of the following better.

To touch all regular accounts and to think whether it is possible to receive into them a discount. It is absolutely not so unreal as, perhaps, sounds:

Electricity: if to pay in advance for the year ahead, then it is possible to save on the preparing increase in prices for the electric power - as a rule, they are known in advance. Besides, if for each payment from you charge the fee, then paying once instead of, say, twelve, you will save couple of shillings on the commissions and a standing couple of hours in turns. By the way, concerning electricity: change usual incandescence bulbs on economic. Investments will pay off - is confirmed with practice .

Gas - similarly.

Internet: look through the website of your provider, especially the section of discounts, you look, and you will find that interesting. Then look through the websites of the competing providers and to a poshantazhiruyta this information of the.

Phone: analyse your requirements and habits. Choose a suitable tariff plan. Notice, nobody suggests to say by phone less though it is not excluded that just you and do not need it.

And so on. For each regularly paid bill, for each regularly used paid service we include a brain and we begin to think how, receiving same , to pay less or later.

Payment for the year ahead at all the obvious minuses (here and now a round sum) has the mass of psychological advantages:

- the amount of obligatory monthly payments decreases;

- appears feeling of a certain confidence and stability ( at me everything is paid for this item of expenditure for the year ahead ) ;

- you can pay this most round sum . At once. Cash. Well, or transfer - not an essence. But you - can. You have money;

- from the point of view of providing service, you are a special client. You pay in advance. You automatically even at all desire will not be able to delay payment. You automatically have a faultless credit history;

- does not appear temptation to spend this money on chachkas - " diamonds;. There is a certain category of citizens for whom the principle of the rich father Robert Kiyosaki pay at first yourself does not work in principle. They are even afraid to receive advance though any it is not advance payment if so to understand, and just a payment for fulfilled half-month. But we distracted.

Apropos of food. I beg you. Porridge - remarkable porridge therefore it is not necessary to spoil the enthusiastic perception of this magnificent porridge, doing it by the bearing design of your anti-recessionary diet. Just pay attention to what products expired you usually throw out at the next audit of the refrigerator. Children in Africa swell with hunger, and you suppurate so much provisions. No, well it is not a shame to you?

And it still nobody remembered that how many the resources which including are not filled, our small blue planet were spent for creation of these benefits of a civilization. Still, of course, it is good to plan meals for a week - another forward and to be bought once a one or two weeks, but it for clarified. At usual mortal such focus does not take place: they at first sweep all delicacies, consider then the caloric content of eaten and worry, then before term go to the next attack to grocery store, and then throw out lots delayed not delicacies remained from the previous visit of shop. So this reception definitely not for all, it demands uncommon will power.

If you drive the car, then you were just incredible lucky because it is much more favorable to run for a taxi, than to run behind tram: it is saved much more . If you have a car, then before you just unprecedented opportunities of economy of which pedestrians can only dream open, but it is a subject of the separate sermon. For now you remember: a penny saved - a penny earned.