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In what the value of system of training of personnel for the company?

Each taken place head, consciously or intuitively, understands the value of idea of development of personnel in the company. And it is unsurprising. Among all existing resources there are companies among which there is finance, technologies, raw materials / materials and human resources, - staff is the most important. Present that in the company there is a strong raw, financial and technological base, but one silly persons work... How you think to what the company will come sooner or later? The answer, unfortunately, is obvious.

Experience of cultivation of human resources in quality effective productive business - units - it is the powerful instrument of professional management.

Presently, considering those tendencies which exist in the Russian market, need for systematic approach for development of personnel grows every day.

of the Tendency

Tendency No. 1.

Quality of basic education with which applicants come to the company does not correspond to inquiries of labor market. It is connected by

with the fact that the speed of development of technologies in business very strongly exceeds the speed of response of the state education system to these changes. So far the HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION will adopt the program in development until the student is disaccustomed according to this program of 5 years - it svezhevypechenny the profession became already outdated As a result - the candidate does not conform to requirements imposed in vacancy. In this case, the Corporate Training Center allows to tighten professional competences of young employees to necessary level, providing thereby the company with the qualified labor.

However there is always a temptation to solve a problem with qualified personnel at the expense of shots: it is simple to find more competent employees. This idea would be very viable if not a tendency No. 2

the Tendency No. 2.

Intensive decrease in number of able-bodied population of Russia.

Demographic, social and educational crisis continues to have the sad consequences: comes to primary labor market less and less applicants. At the same time qualification of this stream we already mentioned in a tendency No. 1. Upon, we are forced to work with the one who is. And here - our Corporate Training Center is popular more than ever!

Tendency No. 3.

the Job rotation between the companies accelerates every year. for

It is difficult in this tendency to accuse applicants - the person will always look for warmer places in the sun . Well, has full authority We will talk about the reasons of this tendency next time. For us the main thing to minimize costs from job rotation. And here Corporate Training also acts as the shock-absorber.

And last argument. If to consider the market of service of a flow of clients from the point of view of productivity, then the general level of service much more, than individual efficiency of any manager is important


Example: Comparing medical care in Germany and in Russia, one may say, that professional level is higher there, more high-class experts are felt though it does not mean that we have no certain high quality experts.

The average level of our doctors not such high, as in Germany. We have doctors good and bad, and there bad is not present at all. It turns out that our medical tops are higher German, and the average level is much lower. And doctors of the average level also treat the main flow of patients.

In business also: ordinary personnel (secretaries, sellers) serve our clients. If to draw an analogy, then the client or can be served in the " company; Luxury (in Germany) or to be served at the manager Marchenko as at the high quality expert (the ingenious doctor). How you think with whom there will be a client, in a case when the manager passes to competitors if he (client) is guided by the manager, but not by the company in which that works? Then that the company in this case depends on the successful sales managers more, than successful managers depend on the company.

Thus, full, in due time and competently built work of Training Center can create structure of service in which the client loses nothing when replacing of the manager supervising his orders. Structure in which it is happy with all stages of interaction with the company. And then the client is guided by the company, to her politician, but not by the identity of the manager. Because in this ALL company MANAGERS are good.

In turn managers in this case perceive the corporate environment as steady, stable, providing with a dense client stream, and, therefore, favorable and perspective.

As a result - the stable union: the client with the company, the manager with the client and the company with the manager.

Thanks to Training Center :)