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Than dangerously late ignition?

Late ignition At me nearly a year of life is connected with it. It brought me many inconveniences and nearly became the reason of dreadful misfortune. Fortunately, everything managed, all are live and healthy what they wish to all readers of this article.

We will begin with the concept ignition . In internal combustion engines with ignition from a spark there are several devices which provide development of a spark and timely giving of tension on a candle. All of them are united in knot which is called the breaker - the " distributor; (on a driver`s slang - trambler ) . This knot is established on the block of cylinders of the engine, the roller of a trambler is set in motion from an engine camshaft. On the roller of a trambler there are cams which at certain moments disconnect an electric chain that in turn, causes emergence of a spark on a candle.

Approximately so the system of ignition works. In order that the engine gave the set power, giving of a spark in the cylinder has to be while all energy of the petrolair mix compressed in the cylinder could be used as much as possible. If to give a spark slightly earlier or a bit later, mix will ignite or too early (then its energy will work against the movement of the piston), or too late (then the part of energy will just take off for an exhaust pipe).

And if adjustment of a corner of an advancing of ignition is executed incorrectly (out of the limits recommended by manufacturer), you will not only burn gasoline in vain.

Very first what you will face - bad start. It is clear, that in some situations it can be not just small trouble. The long phase of start is first of all operation of the accumulator. The second - an engine overheat. What is less dangerous - it is impossible to tell because bad start does not allow to move a little, and the overheat can lead to a stop in way. And not just to a stop - to jamming of the engine.

And every time when the engine boils, it is necessary to stop and to do something. First of all - to wait when engine temperature a little falls. If you open a stopper of a radiator of the boiling engine, you can get burns. And sometimes it threatens not only to you, but also people around.

I bought a few years ago second-hand Oldsmobil . The magnificent old car, spacious, with a front seat on three people. Cheap bought, counting that it initially will be enough, and there - it will be visible. Made trial run, noticed nothing strange. And already when arrived home - the engine began to boil. I opened a radiator stopper - a fat layer of scale. What to do? Of course, to clean a radiator. Long I was engaged in it, but to sense did not achieve - everything proceeded. Besides, I found out that during the movement - as if everything is normal, and once I stop - the engine begins to boil! I went to a workshop, to me made there what did not need to be made at all. Naturally, it did not help!

And the situation remained not just unpleasant - dangerous in every respect. Once I stopped, having noticed something wrong, opened a cowl, opened a radiator stopper - as though everything was normal. And the wife stood sideways from the car on the sidewalk. By the way, the stopper was located a little to the right, not on the center of a radiator. The wife stood precisely against a radiator. She takes a step aside - and on that place where it stood, the stream of the boiling water flies! It was similar to a miracle: a second more - it would be scalded from head to foot!

Here such adventures, probably, also led to operation of some mechanism: I thought that ignition can be the cause of all these troubles. Managed to define the angle of disconnection of contacts of a trambler - and precisely, late ignition. And not just later, and later. The trambler rearranged - and everything earned as hours.

(Several words about service. Already at that time (about fifteen years ago) repairmen very poorly understood cars, they replaced more, than repaired. Reason of such approach, strangely enough, technical progress. Knots and systems become not only it is more difficult, it is impossible to sort and replace with their times the refused element. And it is simple to understand it to the mechanic not in power, devices and knowledge are necessary.

Ya so I think that all troubles with my car began at her former owner from - for low qualifications of mechanics: in one of repairs they shifted a trambler and did not pay to it attention. But very much can be that it was made and specially: or in revenge for insufficient payment or to force the owner it is more often to come to repair.)

So, the engine boils or is badly started - check ignition!

P. S. Everything that is written, belongs to carburetor engines. In modern engines systems of injection of fuel, work with electronic knots, almost computers. I in it am boom - boom.