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As it is correct to hunt a boar of

All men of our area are divided into those who love hunting and those who go to it as necessary. Only on hunting it is possible to resolve such vital issues as: construction of a country house, transportation of firewood for the winter and repair of the road from a farm to board of collective farm. Only on hunting influential people of our area are able to afford to relax and meet requirements of ordinary applicants because in everyday life they are almost inaccessible to the ordinary citizen. Therefore wait for opening of a spring season with the same impatience, as well as delivery of a September salary after New year.

Men get from gun cases, fill cartridges and guess whom the destiny in our, godforsaken and the new power this time will bring the area. At everything at the same time there is no big game left in these parts at all. The last bear was got from a den still by the first secretary of regional committee at the time of Mikhail Sergeyevich, elks left our woods few years ago, having taken offense at attempts of one large company to find oil, boars got away from a beskormitsa to the neighboring area. Nevertheless, hunting ground Bogolyubovskoye in the person of the chief game manager of San Sanycha, regularly granted licenses for production of a large animal and if to be exact, on a boar.

The boar in the hunting ground was only in one copy. Called him Tikhon. Few years ago in the neighboring Ichkulinsky district of the huntsman got a pig with pigs. One, the small, took live. Shipped in a bag and presented to San Sanychu for the fiftieth anniversary.

Since then Tikhon lived on the basis of the hunting ground in a special fence. In two years he grew up in very large and experienced animal, remaining at the same time absolutely manual hog. The huntsman fed him on slaughter because Tikhon was the main getter of money for all hunting ground. Last year he earned more than twenty thousand rubles. How? Now I will tell, on the example of yesterday`s hunting.

Yesterday San Sanych called us, huntsmen, on the meeting devoted to opening of a season.

- Men, I brought together you with the unique purpose, to report that, - here our chief made an effective pause, - to us the prosecutor goes.

Everything the huntsman discontentedly grumbled and began to twist roll-ups. Appearance of the prosecutor of the area on hunting did not cause the slightest enthusiasm as to collect dividends from the power punishing was almost unreal. The dignity of Sanych ripped discontent in the bud.

- Those at whom is are filled in on the unauthorized cabin of wood or who participated in hooliganism last year, can count on complete or partial amnesty, - and, interrupting a storm of applause, - only on condition of carrying out full hunting for Tikhon. The prosecutor already paid for the license 3 000 rubles so, children, it is necessary to carry out hunting not worse, than in the fall. Let`s cast. Ivanov!

- Here, - I is lazy raised a hand.

- you are responsible for the operation On a bumper .

- San Sanych, I cannot, the liver knocks. Brought five delegations in the fall, it is possible me on a shooting range?

- is fine, - San Sanych discontentedly twisted a mustache, - To the city there will go Grishka, you to a shooting range, the others with Tikhon to the wood. A bath for me. The disposition is clear to all?

In the evening Grigory, the thirty-year-old huntsman, young to our measures, sat down on the UAZ and went to the city for hunters, I went to a shooting range to hang up targets and to place cans, the others began to give to drink to Tikhon beer. All our operation was based that the boar adored beer and could drink it in liters. But Tikhon received an entertainment only during hunting.

Everything was thought over to trifles, but we did not consider one very important as subsequently it became clear, circumstance: the prosecutor was absolutely teetotal.

Early in the morning the prosecutor with friends from area on three jeeps left the next day the city. Headed a column our domestic all-terrain vehicle which worked before years twenty Ambulance . Having passed on a dam through the Volga state district power station, Grigory, according to earlier developed plan stopped and gave command:

- On a bumper!

Hunters got vodka, snack from bags and drank, respecting tradition, on a glass. Everything, except the prosecutor. Such stops of all was three. On base pike perch fish soup and a zherekha and an istoplena a bath was made for arrival of delegation. But at first all were led on a shooting range. It was necessary to appease passion of the city person to pressing a cock. Firing stood, as at capture of Berlin. More than one thousand cartridges spent, and everyone five rubles! We, of course, collected all sleeves then. Whether it is bad to fill cartridges new.

From a shooting range led guests in a bath. Here San Sanych got down to business very professionally. In a word, by the evening when all were able very much even he solemnly declared:

- At five in the morning we go on a kabanye a track.

what the prosecutor gloomy answered:

- I do not know how others, and I am ready, - and, having distorted a lock of the five-charging winchester, the boss drove into a trunk.

Earlier we, podpoiv hunters, changed to them cartridges for single, conducted on numbers and let out Tikhon. The boar who is in advance pumped up by alcohol let out from a cage for two kilometers from base flew along the checked route plentifully watered with beer to the feeding trough where it was waited by a prize - three liters Zhigulyovsk . Hunters from a big bodun, uvidav the huge wild boar rushing on them, or tried to be behind trees, or, shot single. Tikhon was absolutely indifferent to firing, since small years of the huntsman scorched at him over an ear. Guests had enough impressions for the rest of life. All were the winner: the economy received money, hunters - the sea of emotions, unforgettable impressions and photos, Tikhon honestly earned the right a further living and a kind portion of ale.

This time everything went to the fact that the boar the last time came to a drunk track. The winchester with a riflescope and absolutely sober prosecutor did not leave it any chances. to

U we were only two hours for decision-making. The boar should be shipped on a tractor and to carry several kilometers on the forest, become limp from the thawing snow road.

- the Bullet-proof vest, - solved San Sanych, - at a fence old springs from MTZ, tarpaulin in a warehouse lie. The clock is ticking.

In an hour Tikhon was dressed in something, reminding at the same time a space suit of the diver and a tortoise shell from Galapagos Islands. On a head to it got on the German helmet of a sample of 1914. The helmet was brought last year by Grishka from relatives from the Western Ukraine. It in a shed rolled, it for some reason picked up - here and was useful.

of Chances to remain live with our hog considerably increased, but I decided to make secure...

In the morning only the prosecutor rose by hunting, as expected. Other guests peacefully pokhrapyvat where they were found by Morpheus: who in a shed on last year`s hay, who in a bath on a kutnik, and who and in a fence at Tikhon who was already taken out to the wood on an initial position by then.

the Prosecutor took the place under a big birch, directly on a kabany track. In hundred meters from it San Sanych with the camera settled down and on a handheld transceiver ordered:

- Start Tikhon.

The boar dressed in an armor of the medieval knight a slow lynx trotted on a track, sniffing as a sheep-dog, to a familiar smell of beer. He ran quicker and quicker and in a minute it was already uncontrollable shell which is let out from a catapult. Breaking a bush and small trees, Tikhon already approached a glade on the edge of which he was waited by the vis-a-vis as suddenly the habitual smell of beer disappeared. Boar, having sharply slowed down all four legs, stopped and sniffed. For some reason the beer track sharply deviated a route habitual to it aside. A boar having thought, curtailed and, again gathering speed, ran on a new track. I was near, having hidden in hazel grove bushes, and saw how the head of the hundred-kilogram hog dressed in a twenty-kilogram armor, rushing with a speed of fifty kilometers per hour crashed into the human back. It was the back of the prosecutor of the area.

The investigator who arrived from the city in several hours long tried to find out who changed a route of the movement of a boar, having watered with beer other track. The dignity of Sanych promised to deprive of an award all staff. And only the prosecutor of the area, having recovered, told everything and told friends as it having flown by several meters up a birch, having landed, saw healthy to a kabanye a muzzle in the German helmet of a sample of 1914. The muzzle looked down on it and licked big rough language unshaven public prosecutor`s cheeks.