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Whether there are risks during creation of corporate training center?

the idea of training In itself and development of the personnel not only is very expedient and practical, but also also the gumanistichna is socially desirable, positive. It does idea attractive and pleasant in the course of her considering, development and deployment. In practice, not each company is ready to start serious educational processes among the employees. And often it turns out so that the put forces, time and money in process of training and development of personnel involve unpleasant, and sometimes and destructive processes in the company. Below widespread situations in which the Training Center does not meet the expectations assigned to it are described.

So, main risks:

1. Smithy of shots .

This category of risk exists if in the company the system of motivation corresponding to a skill level of the employee and his length of service in the company is not worked out. This risk is operated if the formula is observed:

Total revenue from volume Total revenue from sales volume in 100 units of sales in 100 units in the company - the competitor At realization of risk smithy of shots - The training center works for competitors.

2 . The Fiasco business - process .

is a situation in which business - process (for example a healthy service cycle of the client after the conclusion of the transaction) breaks from - for the reasons which sales managers, regardless of efficiency of the work, cannot influence: problems with shipment, marriage, shortage, mistakes in the choice of the range etc. In this case the trained employee will look for opportunities to avoid these fiascos through search of other employer which has no such problems. And we come back to a state smithies of shots . Roughly speaking if there is no opportunity to minimize fiascos business - processes to train personnel in technology of sales, cultivating him professional competences, it is not favorable to the company.

At realization of risk a fiasco business - process The Training Center works for competitors.

3. Priority Error . by

In any training on working off of skills of sales use concrete working situations. The algorithm of behavior of the seller is fixed in these working situations and in increasing frequency realized in practice, forming the behavior basis with the client later. At the same time there are several options of work with the client and his systematic transition to this or that scheme of work with the company. It is impossible to capture all cases and versions of the transaction therefore priority schemes and models of interaction with the client are selected.

Functioning of the seller in these models is enshrined in scenarios of trainings. In case in a basis of behavior of the seller the scheme which does not conduct to the greatest efficiency (efficiency) business - process, then procedure of sales is put it can be fulfilled by the seller well, the result is received (sale is made), but strategic objectives of the company at the same time will not be achieved or the possible efficiency is considerably underestimated. For example, schemes of crediting, unprofitable for the company, are realized or the resource of working hours is inefficiently distributed between clients (more attention and forces is given to large wholesalers when from the strategic point of view it is more expedient to gather retail ) .

It turns out that the Training Center works first of all for professional development of the seller, and only then for profit of the company. Has to be on the contrary. It is possible to control this risk only through careful selection of models of interaction with the client and their ranging, considering first of all strategic interests of the company. It is natural that the system of motivation of the seller has to consider and support priority models.

At realization of risk priority error The Training Center works in zero.

For study of risks of the organization and introduction Training Center expediently:

To carry out diagnostics business - processes.

To place priorities, corresponding to strategic objectives of the company.

In case of need to optimize business - processes.

To develop and fulfill priority behavior models with the client.

To develop the adequate system of motivation of personnel encouraging algorithms of behavior of the seller, strategically favorable to the company.

To bring in regulations priority behavior models with the client.

To develop the system of training and development of personnel considering strategic objectives of the company.

Understanding of risks allows to avoid mistakes and disappointments in the idea of system corporate training. Heads who had unsuccessful experience of introduction of the training programs in the company very seldom decide in the future on repeated experiment in this direction. It is sad. The system of training and development of personnel is urged to provide growth of quality of human resources of the company. And that head who ignores this opportunity, at least, is short-sighted.

In the company we will talk about advantages of system of training and development of personnel in the following article.