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What is iPhone and than it is good? Part one: iPhone, iPod, iTunes

iPhone is a mobile phone of the Apple company which is released just few years ago. It belongs to the class of so-called smartphones (from English smart - clever ) who not just call and send SMS - ki, but also can perform many other useful effects.

I in this case do not undertake to do detailed comparison of iPhone with other mobile phones, let it be done by experts. I will just note what is pleasant personally to me as to the ordinary user.

of the &iPod iPhone

So, in iPhone is a musical iPod player which became in due time a cult device too (device - the device). Moreover, releasing phone, the Apple company just included in it this already known and tested player. And it is very convenient - it is not necessary to carry with itself two subjects, all in one. (At the same time pay attention that many products of Apple begin with the small letter i . It means that they are developed for work with internet).

And if to add here memory size (beginning from 8 GB), then it will become clear why owners of iPhone do not react to any there cards used in other phones in any way. They just do not understand it because in iPhone no cards are necessary, there is enough memory with interest. It is large volume of memory - became one of the main factors of popularity of an iPod player, and then and the iPhone mobile phone in due time.

Imagine, at me, for example, practically all musical collection finds room in phone, and these are about 1000 compositions. Plus still remains the place for photos (about 500 pieces), video (approximately pieces of 30 clips), different useful programs (the quantity comes nearer to 100), and still there are places about 1,5 GB.

However, many owners of iPhones already dream of the device on 16 GB, and even on 32 GB. The appetite comes during a meal.

Yes, slightly did not forget at all - for those who are not aware: in iPhone there is no keyboard! All operations are carried out by touches of fingers (any styluses) to icons on the screen. If it is necessary to type the text, on the screen the keyboard leaves. In the beginning happens complicated, then you get used and you type the text not worse, than on the ordinary keyboard.

There are still such special dual cliques: at once two fingers you stretch the screen and the image is enlarged and vice versa. Such touch screen so was pleasant to users that now it will be done on the devices practically by all producers of cell phones. Useful services we will not tell


About a chamber, e-mail and the browser, it already becomes the standard. We will note the only thing that in the iPhone there is a full-function browser, he looks through not cut off wap - versions of the websites, and the usual full-fledged websites. And it is very convenient. I know on myself and on the acquaintances: The Internet is on what the majority of ayfonshchik sits down.

At the expense of the Internet many other useful services are realized. For example, it is possible to look through a weather forecast, and in the different cities of the world, to trace time too in different the region of the world (in the same place in hours there are alarm clocks, the timer, a stop watch), to look through cards on GoogleMaps and videos on YouTube, to write notes, to use the calculator and even to trace actions at the exchanges. Yes, nearly forgot about a calendar which is synchronized with Outlook`om.

the Accelerometer

Is in iPhone and such thing as the accelerometer, i.e. phone reacts to its turns in space. For example, it is possible to read the text, to look through pages of the websites or the photo vertically, and it is possible and it is horizontal. It is enough to turn a tube and the image will automatically change with portrait a format on album or back.

At the expense of this device in iPhone a large number of different toys and razvlekalochek, and even rather useful utilities appeared. For example, literally last month appeared and at once even the useful utility for measurement of level of an inclination of a horizontal surface took the first place in a rating very much. If I am not mistaken, in construction tools such piece is called " level;. You remember, there was such wooden case, and the vial of water runs inside. Now thanks to the accelerometer such case already too does not need to be dragged with itself.

of iTunes

At last one more and very important feature of iPhone is a connection with the iTunes service ( tunes - melodies ) . It is the Internet - shop which originally intended for sale of music to owners of iPod players.

Technically it looks so - the owner of a player enters the Internet on the website of shop, chooses music, pays and downloads. Those who used, know that it is very convenient. Worldwide, at any time, plus mass of additional opportunities: various ratings, a possibility of short preliminary listening, and even full free records, covers to songs and albums, video, audiobooks, podcasts, records of television programs, the Internet - radio, ringtones etc. then offered

of Apple also revolutionary system of the prices: all songs cost almost equally - $0,99 apiece.

Generally, there passed time and iTunes is in the lead in the world selling music in a digital format now, having bypassed even the largest retail network Wall - Mart.

To be continued