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How to keep a positive spirit for nine months of expectation?

the Inner world of the woman expecting the child, as we know, not such as at all. It special and unusual: with the strangenesses, whims, imaginations, fears, inventions Her mood can change instantly and unexpectedly. If since morning there is a wish to laugh and kiss all from unique feeling of happiness around, then by the evening the sudden and inexplicable grief can already roll, and from eyes here - here it is unjustly scattered tears.

With pregnancy approach future mummy changes just every second. She begins to listen more to herself and the feelings. Now it not one, at it grows in a tummy a tiny miracle which very soon will be able to declare itself to this world. For now mummy doubly worries not only about herself, but also about this magic puziko. At that time so far she every day realizes the interesting situation demanding special care, attention and careful attitude of people around another often just there is no time to think of foreign pleasures and problems more and more.

The pregnant woman, wants she that or not, becomes very sensitive and even vulnerable. Each rash word of the interlocutor can seriously offend or spoil it mood. Someone not so looked, another was strange expressed, and still pushed away, did not pass in turn, did not give way, just do not want to notice Sometimes and it seems that the world consists only of one stale and heartless people who are capable to think only of themselves. As to impressionable mummy to protect the defenseless kid from negative emotions and baleful looks among this infinite stream of a negative?

In - the first, try to stay always in excellent mood, irrespective of gloomy weather behind a window, a gloomy look of the colleague or the severe answer of the doctor. Let at first sight it and be hard, but if to learn it, works effectively. You only think why to your kid to have a stress simply because someone got up on the wrong side of the bed today. Even if it seems to you that it is necessary to notice it in any way, abstract, try to get rid all unpleasant words as soon as possible. Forget everything that was told. Smile and tell the kind word to the most friendly little man on light.

In - the second, do not forget that this pregnancy, there is it the most desired, long-awaited or just the happiest of all on light, YOURS and only YOURS! People around are not obliged though they ideally, of course, have to, empathize, understand or go to you on a meeting. It would be desirable that in transport always gave way, in shop passed without turn, the policlinic showed care, and on the street always smiled... In life everything turns out on the contrary. Let it do not confuse you, does not anger, does not enrage. Let people remain such what they want to be: stale, inattentive, careless, indifferent. The main thing is your good health, rest and an optimistical spirit. If you stays in pleasure - also your kid smiles. If mother cannot cope with the rolled despair or offense in any way - nothing remains to the child as soon as to long and frown in a stomach.

In - the third, watch the reaction. Happens that the person also did not think someone to offend, and can seem to the pregnant woman that all absolutely on the contrary. Future mummies are often simply inclined to wind a lot of things. From here - negative thoughts, excessive irritability and bad mood. Try not to think of what initially is unpleasant to you. Let your thoughts will be light, joyful and kind. Do not pay attention to statements of those who and before pregnancy did not cause in you sympathy. As soon as you feel that in your head undesirable pictures and offensive phrases twirled - switch the attention to something more important and necessary.

Be ready to what people like to give kind councils, let you also do not need them. Stories - horror stories about heavy pregnancy and intolerable anguish of pain at the time of delivery - a favourite subject of many grown wise experience. As a rule, are those who just wish to splash out the collected sorrows which reason is known only for him. Let their problems and stories will remain their life experience. At you everything has to be remarkable, in a different way and cannot be. It is true, it is possible. To avoid hypostases, record quantity of extra kilos, late toxicosis, a lack of milk and other popular troubles quite really. Why surely all have to have your pregnancy as? As they say, pregnancy is not an illness, this state of mind. And if own soul sings, then and you have nothing to draw unimaginable pictures in the head.

Solve problems in process of their receipt. It is not necessary to wait for what can easily avoid you. If you addressed someone for council or asked the question concerning you, and in reply received unpleasant manuals, unnecessary comparisons and unsuccessful examples from life, thank for excessive care, explain that you meant not it at all and in general it was just interesting to you to hear someone`s point of view. The easy pricking in a stomach not always demonstrates pregnancy interruption threat, toxicosis is fraught with an abortion, and maturing of a placenta leads to premature birth. In total individually, do not forget about it. Find to yourself good experts, let the skilled midwife and the professional - the gynecologist will become the best advisers for all months of expectation. When health of mummy and kid under control of competent physicians to worry there is nothing.

Try that you were surrounded by people pleasant to you, sincere, careful and real It is not necessary to force to communicate with those who cause in you hostility. It is better to stay alone with the light dreams, to communicate to quickly growing tummy, to tell it about how you wait, you love and you idolize the puzozhitel. Let the kid will feel that under heart at mother to it it is actually comfortable and safe and when it grows up and will leave the temporary nest, will be able daily to admire and admire the kindest, smiling, patient, quiet and happy mummy, she - that knows how to make happy the newborn treasure.

If you love life, then be able to notice good, you learn to be happy and you give the positive spirit world around. Let from your smiles will become more than attentive and kind people!