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In what attractiveness of ancient things?

Ancient things... Why they so often fascinate us, forcing to be late long near museum pieces and antiquarian goods? Retro Antique Vintage Often the practicality of the objects entering this classification is not their strength, however the price at all (or value?) old times with ease will give odds to the price modern ultra - a technological fancy thing.

For what people pay this high price? Only for the sake of surroundings or thoughtless capital investments? But there are many other ways to attach spare cash in much more liquid values, and the modern objects semi-antique not to distinguish often from the original, except as at the price, sometimes in tens and hundreds of times is lower than antiquarian.

So, I believe, many will agree with me: any thing, not necessarily very beautiful or convenient, useful or decorative, has the aura, the power field. It is undoubted that the thing will receive this power rather from live hands of the handicraftsman who was directly participating in its creation than from the heartless robot - the collector or a press - a stamp.

Manual skills were always highly appreciated, and qualitative hand - made - products - too. Whether but matter not only in labor costs

you Can imagine the master - the watchmaker or the woodcarver, or the glass blower who would hate the work? Yes in zhist! The one who chooses to himself manual craft and not just craft, and art - that already by definition is engaged in it on big tendency, love and calling. And quite naturally that the silver Breguet, the most beautiful casket, the fancy multi-color lily ringing hrustalyom - all these works bear in themselves a charge of remarkable positive power of the masters who created them.

And what if the master sometimes created in hours of irritation and indignation, and even was a person angry? Everyone happens, and, itself, the negative from his personality was transferred to a product. But you know a wise saying All the time places in the places ? The thing storing a negative charge, as a rule, long does not serve, eternally breaks, falls on a leg, clings for what got, bringing to the owner a headache and cares, not to mention absolutely notable discomfort which is radiated by it.

For certain you or your acquaintances faced in life with damned the things possessing permanent malignancy, any logic not explainable. Naturally, not especially value similar property, consciously or latently try to get rid of it, without being troubled by accurate storage and leaving. As a result after time there is a filtration, and we from former eras are reached by the most worthy, qualitative property - obviously not consumer goods (because it is short-lived and in general does not represent family careful pride). It is a thing kind positive who wanted to be protected and it to own, it is a thing reliable, the power successfully resisting to the destroying influence of elements and years, urged by belief and the truth to serve the owner.

But, certainly, among an ancient variety everyone can get and if you decided - to get to yourself for the house, for a family some lovely antiquarian figurine, a gobelin, a small jug or a watch, then try to study the biography of a bagatelle if it is possible. And anyway, of course, it is necessary to listen to the feelings which are caused in you by this product. Touch, stroke, turn in hands, present that you already its owner. You like feeling? It is a warm positive and an anticipation of a cosiness? You do not want to leave it any more? Means, is that it is necessary.

We deliberately did not consider a financial question here at the choice of old times. Anyway, not always even esthetic, and especially energetically positive value of a thing depends on figures on the price tag of an antique shop. Where how much and that - at desire only you solve. It very individually, as well as all in this world.