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How to push capitalism in Russia?

become Twenty years in a row attempts to push capitalism in Russia. My God, as time flies. And still to push and push. And all these twenty years at us are built financial pyramids. MMM, Hermes, Vlastilina - these and a set of other monetary skyscrapers at all very famous. The people are indignant with impudence various mavrod, but obediently bear them money. Desire to beat destiny and to win one million against our people ineradicably.

- And here will surely carry. The neighbor will be in minus and I will have Jack - sweat. We press the lever one-armed bandits and In the opinion of a figulka, a figulka, a figulka.

Our homebrew politicians use such naivety and really children`s spontaneity. Mavrodi`s experience is carefully studied and edited. Only instead of financial at us many years the vertical pyramid of the power was built.

- Hardware. It is great party secret. Nobody has to know about construction of a pyramid. It will surely fail by an example of other pyramids sooner or later. And who did not hide, the government is not guilty. It already under palm trees on the beach, far from the Homeland, drinks at this time champagne.

Belief of our people in a miracle not an istrebima. Here will rise from - for the horizon clearly the sun and everything it will be warm and cozy. There will ascend to a throne the clear prince with the cold head and a warm heart and happiness will be everything. Well maybe not all and not happiness, and so a piece of the Russian industry or an award on reception in Georgiyevsky the hall or the promise of good weather after the " program; Time - it is not important.

The main thing to trust and bear the savings in cash desk. It is guilty, voices on the polling precinct. Construction of a pyramid business troublesome. It is necessary to go constantly over the country and to act on the TV. Well the fact that we have in fact a country of untamed voters. Will tell from the highest tribune that from tomorrow all husbands have to sleep to the left of the wives, the State Duma will surely vote for and the people collected by state buses on meeting will make on a frost general odobryam - with supported with a small amount of our Russian drink.

Three times ku . By the pack of etselop flies by. It is guilty, the train with flashers goes carrying the Body capable to decide destiny of the Homeland and couple more of questions more small.

Here, lately say that Putin is the resident of CIA. Specially introduced to us for the purpose of final destruction and accession. I do not trust!!!

Of course, the facts - stubborn piece. And creation in the country of a diarchy, harmful for it, and strange war with Georgians without liberation of Tbilisi from the American naymit. And denial before the last financial crisis, a collapse of national currency, general unemployment and feelings of a full collapse in economy and usual life - yet not a reason for charges of this sort. Just earlier created vertical pyramid begins to fall. Political mavrod pack suitcases and feverishly look for the country of further stay.

Where that palm tree from which in a mouth in advance made bananas will fall. Where those people wishing to shelter the passengers of the first class who escaped after accident. Whether all will escape or the part will be put at the mercy to sharks and piranhas with Wal - the street?

These, but not some other questions concern builders of a pyramid of the power now. They very much and very now wish that their names did not become a world history like builders of the Egyptian pyramids. But it hardly. The country has to know the heroes. Yet not all Kremlin wall is borrowed from us, at us is still full of the place for builders of the bright capitalist future there. Their experiment, as well as numerous experiments of their predecessors was obviously not successful.

Whether one more attempt will be made?

- There is no harm in trying, - as companion Beria spoke to companion Stalin. And that grinning in the moustaches enough, answered:

- And we, Lavrenti Pavlovich, warned our companions about undesirability of a change of course of party without needs, obvious on that. Can be it it is necessary to visit some time so Turukhansky region familiar to me. To be cooled, put thoughts in order. To re-read once again The Short course of VKP - . The companions, party, but a little got lost in time and space. How you consider, companion Beria?