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Why French should be afraid of Eric Bulatov?

would Never be thought that ex-the Soviet nonconformist can look so: darkly - a blue jacket of foreign breed, a graceful small beard, a delicate statura. It would seem, the former fighter against socialist ideology has to and have the burning look and the shirt which is broken off on a breast today. No, Eric Vladimirovich has an appearance of the schooled European. Or the refined Russian intellectual. To whom somehow.

The text - live and dead - became the main author`s counter Bulatova, so you will not confuse his work with any others. It connected a realistic manner, a landscape genre (the Moscow types, fields of wheat, the floating clouds - melancholically quiet, storm, the wood, the sea) and a portrait to chopped poster slogans and forever the frozen phrases of the " type; Not to lean There is no Entrance Dangerously .

It simply and, apparently, fondly represented what the Soviet people saw every day: the huge rusted letters Glory of CPSU! on a roof of the smoked hostel, portraits of secretaries general on pediments of ragged houses, the quality mark on banks with condensed milk. That verbal context concerning which homo soveticus already and forgot to reflex Bulatov noticed what the hackneyed look human did not notice and blessed.

Dead the texts emasculated, not sending to a real subject for Bulatov became as if a grid of coordinates, a lattice which was imposed on everyday life. Extraction dead sloves from that context in which they existed for many years, them distancing (the artistic touch allowing to present self-evident, simple and clear as something strange the demanding judgments) reveals, according to Eric Bulatov, a problem normality abnormal curvature and ugliness of the ideologized social space.

But for Bulatov, the artist and the graphics, the word and the text is, first of all, game. An opportunity to conduct composite searches, to think of rebuses, to create optical traps for a spectator eye. And here, in works of this series, the text is deprived of ideological loading (as far as it in general is possible). Here - live the word,

flying a notorious sparrow, pinches under a nose during walk, lines from verses of the friend Bulatov, the poet Vsevolod Nekrasov Eric Bulatov to me is nice long ago - the creative manner, clever game in words, ability small quantity of artistic touches to express very much. But when I learned, than Bulatov in 1960 - e years was engaged, my heart thawed. And he was engaged in the fact that in " publishing house; Detgiz illustrated in a co-authorship with Oleg Vasilyev children`s books - those which I so loved once for pictures. Cinderella for example. Here to you and staunch nonconformist. It is symptomatic that children`s books were illustrated also by the famous conceptualist Ilya Kabakov living and working nowadays like Bulatov, in the West.

Today Bulatov is successful there and nearly two decades lives in Paris, having become one of the dearest Russian / Soviet artists. It grew into other reality and reflected it in the works. But when the French officials thank him for acculturation and experiences with the French texts, there are a wish to exclaim: Be afraid! French texts Eric Bulatov can to put capitalism as also to socialism did not get!