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How it was served in the first (special)?

the State ceremonial with participation of armed forces is accepted in many countries of the world. In Russia the hallmark of the country, an irreplaceable participant of the state ceremonies is the most elite part of our armed forces - the Presidential regiment of Russia. It accompanies official visits of leaders of foreign countries, inauguration of the president of the Russian Federation, all actions in the Kremlin Palace.

A presidential regiment (Kremlin) - special military division which main objectives include protection of the country leaders and the Moscow Kremlin, other important state objects, and also execution of representative functions.

History of a regiment originates from the elite combat units which from time immemorial were responsible for safety of the Moscow Kremlin and from change of their name the essence does not change. Nowadays Presidential regiment - structure of Federal security service also submits to personally Supreme Commander.

The company of special guard (the first company) of the Presidential regiment created in 1976 since 1993 provides carrying out hospitality events. Since 1997 at the Eternal flame on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from structure of the first (special) company of the Presidential regiment the constant post of a guard of honor is established.

How there passed the service in the ranks of a special company, I learned from the recent serviceman, wanted to write being kremlevets but heard: The Former kremlevets do not happen! .

The first conversation on the forthcoming duty station with future recruit came from the small Russian town by phone. Several months prior to an appeal called from a military registration and enlistment office. Right there the first interview and medical board followed. The following interview already with obligatory presence of parents was conducted by the representative of FSB and the Presidential regiment. One more medical board. When appeal time has come, one by car was brought to assembly recruiting station. Requirements to which completely there conformed our recruit were such: it is unmarried, the full family at parents, growth is not lower than 180 cm, any deficiency of body weight, good sight, that is group of health And secondary special education, the fine characteristic from the place of study, sports preparation, any tattoos.

One more selection of recruits was already made for a company of special guard in military camp where then, being already a military personnel, they will return for passing of drill and firing practice not once. If the recruit has no twin brother, then to him couple surely is selected. So they also serve side by side, similar at each other as growth, build, a hair color and an eye.

Barracks of the first company are in the territory of the Kremlin in the building of the Arsenal where soldiers live in bunk rooms on thirty people. Rise at 6 - 00 in the morning if there is a training at Sobornaya Square, then in 5 - 00. Charging thirty minutes, then targeting of an internal order, morning survey of appearance, breakfast, targeting of an internal ideal order. From 10 - 00 to 18 - 00 occupations theoretical and practical with a break in 15 - 00 for lunch. A dinner, personal time, in 21 - 00 viewings of news telecasts, in 21 - 30 walks and in 22 - 00 release.

As commanders of the first company speak: To March as it is necessary for us (measuring out the pace, the case to hold directly, to develop shoulders, to pick up a stomach, to raise a chin, but not to expose it forward), it is impossible to teach, it is possible to learn . Therefore on abilities and diligence of the soldier depends how soon he will be able to get up on a post at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. My interlocutor, having passed internal examinations, proved the right to take this place of honor in three months after an appeal.

The form and footwear is sewed by the serviceman of this division to individual measures. The form is summer, interseasonal and winter (in frosts still the bekesha is put on). Boots chromic with a rigid footer summer, zimnesezonny and " helicopters; for hard frosts with bear wool inside. Gloves silk and leather (white and black skin). For a company of special guard the ceremonial form which elements - a shako, epaulets, a uniform with a color lapel, color cuffs with an embroidery emphasize historical continuity of military traditions is created.

On arms of the first company consists autoloading a carbine of SKS of Simonov with caliber of 7,62 mm. The carbine used in ceremonial actions differs from a serial sample in the nickelized bayonet covering, metal details of a stalk of a lock, and also the varnished covering of the wooden parts executed from valuable breeds of a tree.

Armed with carbines with primknuty bayonets, sentries keep watch at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. At emergence of an emergency situation, after preventions - one, then second blow a carbine butt about a granite plate, the sentry has the right to work with a butt or a bayonet.

Do not worry if the order is broken by the child or someone will wish to lay flowers is functions of a reserve which consists of two people who are standing apart. A reserve whistle - too the prevention. Everyone half an hour guard a reserve goes down to sentries, checks health and appearance, bypasses patrol the adjacent territory. Persons on duty of a reserve are replaced in two hours.

The guard of honor is replaced each hour. In day there can be three watches with a break of 1 - 3 hour. It is honourable to defend 100 watches at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Names of such military personnel are written down on the screen of service in the special room. For two perfectly handed over checks kremlevets it is awarded with a badge, validly called " flint;.

Since 2005 as a part of a company of special guard two sokolyatnik under the authority of whom several birds are provided. Falcons patrol the sky over the Kremlin, protecting this territory from crows and daws.

According to my interlocutor, the service in the first company of the Presidential regiment gave a lot of things to it for successful vital start. He is grateful to service for what enriched with firm man`s friendship, physical and moral endurance. Added to nature of determination, taught to take the responsibility, helped to believe in the forces, raised a bar of future heights. Besides, having received the recommendation for study in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, my vis-a-vis successfully used it and at present the third year receives at Moscow State University prestigious specialty at the expense of the budget.

With the Defender of the Fatherland Day, our dear defenders! Happiness and health to you! Congratulations!

* Photos are published with the permission of the author, my interlocutor.