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How to behave in orthodox church?

So were moved that the majority of us addresses church only when it is strong will be impatient . Not so long ago to me was impatient - my relative appeared between life and death. As I could not help it in any way, I decided to go to church, to put a candle, to pray

Ya did not even manage to enter the temple as the feeling of discomfort and awkwardness visited me. All the matter is that I did not know at all as as it is necessary to do, being in church. Kind grandmothers, of course, helped me, they explained where to go and where for what to put a candle, thanks to them. But after this case I understood that to the believing person not to know how it is correct to behave in church and what there to do, it is very a shame.

So, we will begin with the beginning

In what look should go to church?

Women are not recommended to visit church in trousers, though it is not forbidden. It will be disrespectful to come in relation to believers to church in a short skirt, length has to be at least below a knee. Deep cuts on clothes should not be, the same can be told also about transparent fabrics in clothes.

Most preferable dark tone in clothes. From the bright and shouting flowers, being going to church, it is necessary to refuse. No signs of slovenliness or dirt on clothes should be.

It is not forbidden to come to church with a make-up, but everything has to be reasonably. It is better not to make up lips because if you kiss icons, then there will be lipstick traces.

As for men, it is indecent to go to the temple in an undershirt and shorts.

of the Man in church bare the head, and women, on the contrary, have to cover it with a scarf or other attire.

Before an entrance to church it is accepted to be christened three times, it is obligatory without gloves or mittens and to do three zone bows. There is a special prayer which say it at an entrance to the temple, but the majority of us do not know therefore it is possible to read Pater Noster . If also this prayer is not familiar to you, then there will be enough also simple address to the Lord.

It is necessary to come into church quietly, without haste. Surely take out hands from pockets and during the whole time which you will be in church, do not put them there. The smile upon the face in this sacred place is not pertinent, laughter especially. Chewing gum in a mouth should not be. If you meet in church of acquaintances, then do not shake hands with them, quietly bow each other. It is impossible to carry on loud conversation in the temple. It is strictly forbidden to use the mobile phone in church.

If you came into the temple during service, then can buy candles, put them for health or for the peace of and find to itself the place to listen to service. Having found itself the place, slow bow greet those who cost near you, it is not necessary to talk to neighbors.

If the icon to which you want to get has people, then do not part forcibly people elbows, wait when room is made. Respectful and respect for believers in church is obligatory.

If you came with children, then watch that they behaved decently, that is did not run on church, did not rustle and did not laugh. If the child begins to cry, then it is better to leave the temple not to disturb other believers.

At the end of article it would be desirable to discredit one existing myth. There is an opinion that during critical days women cannot visit church. Once from - for this of the myth my friend did not even go to night easter vigil. But actually it not so. These days it is not forbidden to go to the temple, it is possible to put candles and to kiss icons, but it is impossible to participate in participles, baptisms and weddings though even in this case it is possible to make an exception.

I hope, my article is useful to those who are a rare guest of church, but at each visit does not want to feel discomfort from - for ignorances of rules of church decency. Coming to church, we have to feel tranquility and a pacification.