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How to prepare a festive pig without pig?

Oh, these holidays! As there is a wish to surprise guests and house with a new unusual dish, furniture of a table! These are not 80 - 90 years when in the afternoon with fire it was necessary to look for though some products, and then to exercise the wit in an invention and the imagination to prepare something original. Presently shelves of shops are pleasing to the eye abundance and a variety, but to hostesses all the same to have to puzzle - what to surprise guests with?

Year of the Pig comes. Many think that on a table surely there has to be a svininka, and it is even better - the baked dairy pig. Here you, friends, are mistaken. Pork on a table should not be! And here itself porosyonochek baked, spread out on a big dish, will look very much even originally on a New Year`s table. Yes really it is possible?! - you will exclaim. Here perhaps!

It is necessary to knead dough and to stick together this pig. Fi as everything is uninteresting - object me. But all secret not in the test, in a stuffing. Give one after another. So, here to you several original, but simple recipes:

1. Pig with potato and mushrooms.

- knead yeast dough on water, having added egg, salt;

- cook potatoes, having added to it the fried mushrooms with onions and spices to taste;

- divide dough into three parts (at first all dough on two parts, and then one part on two parts again);

- in the most part lay out potatoes and create a trunk of a pig;

- make the head of smaller part, too having filled with potato and mushrooms;

- divide the remained dough into four parts and make legs, having put a stuffing.

cut out a circle for the patch From crude potatoes and ostrenky ears, attach everything skewers (or matches without sulfur) that kept. Instead of eyes insert raisin or something similar, well, and the tail is your imagination.

A now this work of art - for hour or so per an oven. do not forget

that the dish is recommended to give hot, previously having watered with sour cream or milk sauce, having strewed with greens. To it porosenochka it is possible to give meat and fish dishes, marinated vegetables.

2. Pig with chicken. Kartoshechk`s

and mushrooms - it is good, but here some gourmets adore fowl. And it is correct: tasty and for a stomach it is useful.

Dough in this case will approach puff, but it is possible also barmy. Porosyonochka you model in the first way, and here a stuffing you will use another:

- fowl to separate from bones (the quantity of a bird depends on the size of a pig);

- to pickle for 12 - 24 hours, previously having cut and having put in a vessel (the size depends on the size of a pig too);

- marinade has to consist of mayonnaise of olive, grape vinegar or white wine, 1 - 2 egg, salt, garlic, spices to taste;

- small, very thin straws cut 2 - 3 bulbs

- rub firm cheese on a grater;

- at desire can add olives, mushrooms;

- accurately mix everything, you stick together a pig on the first way and in an oven.

That a crust on to a porosyonochka was soft, periodically water it.

K such to a pig it is possible to serve with fresh vegetables. The dish is recommended to be given a little cooled.

3. Pig with fish.

Dough surely has to be puff.

- (from a salmon to a hake, by purse opportunities) separate fish from bones, small cut; - pickle

for 12 hours in sour cream, together with onions (2 - 3 heads) with addition of wine and spices to taste, use salt moderately;

- when fish will be kept waiting, add processed cheese, it is desirable with taste of mushrooms;

- shake up three eggs in strong foam, well mix everything.

When a stuffing will be ready, stick together in the first way pig and again it in an oven for an hour. Do not forget to water with water that the crust of the test was soft. Such porosyonochek moves to a table cold and it is considered snack.

And now think and prepare Porosyonochka to taste: cold, lukewarm or hot. All three are tasty, on myself and the relatives I know. Bon appetit!