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Acquaintance: for whom the first step? Parents and grandmothers imparted

Since the childhood to the maturing girls that if they like any boy, then the first step cannot be taken at all - indecently. And many grew up on these manuals, absorbed in themselves it indecently and even if on the horizon there was It, That, then shy young ladies remained nothing else how confusedly to lower the fine eyelashes.

Now, though there were echoes of such education, and some parents still live the principles of old years in spite of the fact that the world and rules of the game radically exchanged, already the question for whom the first step? will not find such categorical answer as it was earlier.

It became simpler to young ladies to meet young people, especially if they are on that side of the screen (virtual acquaintance means). It is possible to take the first step as neither it, nor it, in fact, know each other, and the sent message and - la Hi! How are you doing? does not oblige to anything and in fact does not bear under itself any background. Such messages are daily sent by thousands and not always behind sending there is a painful question And what he will think? .

Most of people communicate just for the sake of communication now. If earlier acquaintance happened often just because someone was pleasant to someone, then now the reasons for communication began more and to guess behind what message interest in the interlocutor as to an opposite sex, difficult is.

But if virtually it is simple to begin acquaintance, and borders are really already erased here, and nobody will be surprised if the girl writes to the guy the first, then to take the first step in real life much more difficult. Stereotypes sit in the head still rather tight.

For example, one my acquaintance at whom life passed according to the schedule: the house - work - the house, saw how it seemed to it, the half. Clear business, at work. Before it there were questions at once: How to show the interest? Whether Pertinently to take the first step? What will be told by colleagues? What will be if I all - decide to open, and he will refuse? How then to look to it in the face? .

Generally, it stayed some time in doubts and torments until I motivated it to act. The favourite phrase was my last argument: It is better to regret about what was, than about what was not .

She decided to write it the message on corporate mail in which told of the interest in it as to the man. Pressed the " button; To Send - and it seemed to it that heart stopped. However the answer followed, and through some time they met out of working walls. History has hepp - and.

But all - remains a question as far as men are ready to that women the first showed interest, the first took a step. Traditionally the man - the hunter, that is he has to (?) to win. And what to win in that case when your trophy itself to you goes to hands?

Having communicated to friends and just casual interlocutors, I understood that now as women are ready first to show the interest, and men do not object at all if a fine half of mankind itself makes a step. On the contrary, it is even pleasant to many men when to them show such interest. However, what is meant at the same time men? Perhaps, the attention is just pleasant to them, and for women this step can be given very hard.

Of course, I am sure, as many men before showing an initiative, also suffer doubts, and the first step is given them hardly too. But if universal equality went, probably, and in the love relations you should not give a palm. Listen to the heart and, having met the person who as it seems to you, That for which all life waited do not miss the chance.