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Whether exist actually " water of life; and dead " water;?

We begin to appreciate Water not earlier, than the well " dries;

T. Fuller

, What we know about water?! We know what it colourless, tasteless, transparent, occupies? the earth, and we for 70% consist of it. And those from us who is interested in the exact sciences I am sure, it is aware of others interesting data on this wonderful substance. As, for example, that only water when cooling extends then as almost all substances compress that water can form very strong superficial film holding heavier objects etc. of

I, eventually, at the mention of the above-stated question in our thoughts the phrase " at once emerges and spins; Water - this life . The phrase which all of us know, but, alas, we understand only partially. The majority of us who do not see in usual surprising and are not going to understand. And in vain!

At first it should be noted that this liquid is not absolutely usual as it seems. At least to take that water not only spares life, but also can take away it. More precisely, heavy water which according to national fairy tales we know as " can take away it; dead " water;. Even if this water on color, a smell differs in nothing from usual water, is not capable to support life at all. Difference from usual water is caused by existence in to dead " water; difficult water childbirth (a deuterium, tritium) which in comparison with usual hydrogen have except a proton also neutrons and weigh much more. In view of the fact that in normal water impurity of heavy water is very small, we should not worry strongly. But, if, your neighbor suddenly begins to be interested in heavy water, prick up the ears! Heavy water is used for creation of an atomic bomb. =)

If to follow a logical warehouse in fairy tales, then has to be water opposite on " property; to dead " water; . And it exists too - " water of life;. To your surprise (and to mine too), it is usual thawed snow. Thawed snow is obliged by the surprising property to small pieces of ice which are formed when thawing ice. These small pieces of ice on conclusions of scientists repair the damaged molecule.

Presently sceptics, it is difficult to convince the person of something and the more so in existence " water of life;. On it I can tell that this interesting question is studied long ago by scientists. For example, in view of the fact that microorganisms violently grow in thawed snow, scientists experiment with nutrient mediums at which there is a thawed snow. Using thawed snow, they thereby try to increase an exit of antibiotics. Considering that even microorganisms prefer thawed snow it is possible to come to a logical conclusion that thawed snow justifies the national name.

Often without realizing it, and without understanding advantage or harm for the precious health, we drink the water possessing under different conditions different properties. Therefore, I am sure that the councils given below will be useful to you:

Use not just thawed snow, but the purified thawed snow. For this purpose let`s a half of cold water freeze in a deep freeze. Remove not frozen water. Leave ice to thaw. You can use water generally for drink and washing as at boiling and from time wonderful small pieces of ice collapse. But you can use quietly it for soups etc., thawed snow in itself is much purer than usual cold water.

If you the lazy person that can use the water frozen in the form of cubes.

Do not use " much; the overcooled " water; (not freezing at 0? ). Vseznat it as boiled water. It promotes accumulation of harmful products of an exchange in an organism.

Water in different aggregate states as if the guardian angel in the different embodiments, protects and preserves us. Therefore remembering that even water has the price, you make thrifty use of it.