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Whether thin marriage of kind divorce is better?

Ideologists of the Soviet power believed that the main appointment of the person - to form communism, and all the rest - the disturbing factors. The family should not become an obstacle therefore also the attention to it has to be minimum, any courtings and weddings. Was impatient - go to the REGISTRY OFFICE and undersign. Bothered - again in the REGISTRY OFFICE, write the application and live separately. There was time when the opinion of the second spouse was not even asked.

Present traditions a bit differents. Most of young people seeks to get married. But the sense of action is caught by not everyone. According to priests, about 80% of newlyweds are considered by wedding only as a beautiful ceremony.

Meanwhile, the church practically does not recognize stains. Orthodox, for example, allows only four reasons - death of the spouse, his loss without message, a serious mental illness and adultery. Catholics have no admissible reasons at all. What God combined, the person does not separate that - words sound during wedding.

Alas, such severity many ignore. People, society and the state habitually do not pay attention to church foundations, relying on objectivity own and validity of judgments.

Once firmness of marriage was proved by the economic reasons. Today at desire practically each person can become economically independent, and quite on forces to provide to the mediocre businessman tolerable existence even not of one, but two, and even three families. Just right to be surprised not to the fact that marriages break up, and that many people still prefer to live together.

The orthodox church considers as one of four admissible reasons for divorce adultery. But among the circumstances which are put forward in court as argument for the termination of the marriage relations, change meets more and more seldom. Spouses, of course, about it worry, but not so to break habitual way.

The standard formulation of declarations of avoidance of marriage - incompatibility of characters . What is behind it? According to judges, the main reason - alcoholism of one of spouses. Approximately women are guilty of a third of cases, but is far more often - men. Usually the court tries to prevent disintegration of a family, suggests spouses to think within several months. Reconciliations, of course, happen. But it is not frequent.

In competence of court not only destiny of marriage, but also the solution of the accompanying questions among which the sharpest - with whom will remain children and the section of property. The saying claiming that to recognize the person, it is necessary to eat with him salt pood is known. Today, unfortunately, sometimes it is enough to endure one divorce.

Passions are tensed so that the question essence already becomes not important, the main thing that the decision was not in favor of the former spouse. Even the standard formulation at purpose of the alimony - in favor of the former spouse on keeping of children - causes rough reaction. Who wins in these wars? As a rule, nobody, children zatostradat almost always.

Marriage stopped being need, divorce became the ordinary phenomenon. Probably, it is correct. Whether it is necessary to suffer offenses and discomfort only for this purpose, that was as at people ? But making the decision on divorce, it should be taken into account not only own emotions, but also interests of all parties. Forget offenses, listen to reason.