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How to rescue the breast or whether you are able to care for it? Lately a breast cancer becomes more increasing than

a misfortune for women, leading to huge consequences from which the important role is occupied by cosmetic defect and appearance of a breast as often it is necessary to carry out a total (full) resection of gland. As it is sad, but most of women do not watch the mammary glands or just do not pay attention: on change of a shape of nipples, a poyavdeniye of consolidations under breast skin, change of the skin over this area.

In my practice the case meets when the young woman of 32 years came to an appointment, with the complaint to consolidation in the left breast. Complaints appeared a month ago, anywhere did not address hoping that will pass. At inspection and a puncture the diagnosis - a breast cancer, 8 by 10 cm in size is exposed. Payment in the form of treatment followed soon. removal of surgically left breast with replacement in the subsequent an artificial limb. Whether it is possible to prevent easy ways this disease?!

Self-inspection of a mammary gland

Breast cancer can be cured in time if you in due time see a doctor. To be sure that help will be given in due time, the following is recommended:

1. Regularly survey the breast - approximately each 2 - 4 weeks. The most convenient to do it after a bathtub.

At once to the word the comment. it is not less than once a month and approximately for 7 - 10 day after monthly...

2. Immediately see a doctor if you found some consolidation. Remember that the majority of them are good-quality.

3. At once I want to warn that at inspection you were not frightened, having groped those natural consolidations which appear in the woman`s breast one week prior to periods. - here one more reason for inspection for 7 - 10 day after monthly. these days and a breast it is not so strained...

4. If you really found consolidation (soft or firm, mobile or motionless, painful or not) which is not observed in other breast, do not wait that it will resolve itself, and immediately see a doctor. He surveys consolidation and if. something will cause in it, doubts - will send you for consultation to the expert.

And again to the word - even if the expert will confirm at you existence of consolidation or tumors are not CANCER yet!!! Such diagnosis can be exposed only in the presence of results of a puncture (biopsy) of gland and research of material in laboratory.

Technology of inspection of a breast

1. Having undressed to a belt, get up in front of the mirror and attentively study the breast. Extend both hands over the head and turn here and there - it will help to see a contour of your breast and any hollows on skin over consolidations. Check nipples: whether they changed on color, a form or the size.

2. Now it is necessary to lay down, be extended, having enclosed the put towel or a small small pillow under shoulders. Imagine that your breast is the circle divided into 4 parts. A flat palm and fingers methodically survey each quarter separately, since external border and finishing at a nipple. The right hand survey the left breast, and left - right.

3. Surveying one hand outer side of a breast, throw the second hand for the head.

4. When you survey external part of a breast, the hand has to lie freely along a trunk.

5. Sit down and probe whether there are no consolidations under mice, using the right hand for survey of the left armpit and vice versa.

Dear women and girls, reflect while the getting is good, spend 5 - 10 minutes a week for self-inspection, can they even will save to you life. Take care and good luck.