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Who in 10 years asked For goodness sake, and in 28 wrote the march loved by millions of people?

on February 15, 1884, 125 years ago, in the village of Shancherovo of the Ryazan province in a family of the peasant Ivan Agapkin the son who was named Vasily was born. Both the father, and the boy`s mother did not react to this event in any way: God gave, and we will look " further;.

The family was growing poor, not every day on a table there was even bread, and all wealth - that also was Vasyatka and his brother with the sister. First younger felt like the most full in a family, but soon milk at mother burned down and the kid was translated on tyuryu, mother chewed a bread hunk, stacked the softened bread in a marlechka and gave to its youngest. On this tyura it also gained strength

the Heavy share

When to the kid executed year, Ivan Agapkin brought the spouse on a churchyard - the next pregnancy killed also her, and not been born baby. Also there was left Vasya without mother.

Well still there was a kind maiden who agreed to marry the widower having many children. And treated Vasya as to native, did not offend, but also did not indulge. And what was to indulge if it worked, without being unbent, from morning to the night, Ivan kowtowed on the landowner, and each kopek was got by such work that it was similar to a huge ingot of gold.

Ivan decided to leave farm-labourer`s work, was employed to the Astrakhan port by the barge hauler, dragged barges across Volga. Here paid a little more, and therefore Agapkin later some time took away a family to Astrakhan. Yes only not for luck. Once the owner of the barge, wishing to receive as it is possible bigger profit, loaded it without measure. Barge haulers, literally breaking off veins, extended it, but it turned out that after that Agapkin as lay down on the earth, did not rise. It was brought to hospital, but the territorial doctor only made a helpless gesture: Overstrained. Goner! .

So in 10 years Vasya lost also the father. And next day after a funeral mother brought together the most senior children and told: To Feed you there is nothing. Take swags, and you ask For goodness sake. God will give - we will survive . Give

For goodness sake

It is a shame to

to ask and where you will get to? Vasya was given more willingly than to little sisters, saw, the fellow clever, and such everyone can get to trouble. It brought home everything to the last crumb because there were in a family also younger children. This requirement - to give all to a family - remained with it on a life coffin.

Somehow time in search of a handout Vasya got absolutely far, into that part of Astrakhan in which he was not yet. It is no wonder that he just got lost. He already despaired and wanted to ask the road passersby when heard something that forced it to stand on the place with the opened mouth. It copper of brass band sounded. At first sounds poured down, and then Vasya saw an equal system of military musicians.

As rats behind a magic pipe of Niels, the boy as if bewitched ran behind an orchestra. Stopped only its shout of the man on duty on the check point: Where you prt, the lad? You do not see? Here the military unit, is impossible for strangers! .

of the Pupil had to expel from a class

A for the next day as soon as there came morning, Vasya already stood on that place where yesterday for the first time met an orchestra. This time he looked narrowly at him more attentively, and unexpectedly found out that a little tell-tales is not much more senior than him! Means, and it has a chance!

Heavy rain burst! Inhabitants were hidden under canopies, and Agapkin ran behind an orchestra again. And it did not escape the conductor from attention. When the group approached check point gate, the officer beckoned a finger small the beggar.

- It is pleasant? - he nodded towards the removed orchestra.

- Very much, - confessed Vasya. - And right there, having been frightened that the head of an orchestra will leave, blurted out: - The uncle, and it is possible also for me with you to be engaged?

- And you unless play any instrument? there is no

- but I will surely learn. You will not manage to blink an eye!

And for the next day Vasily Agapkin became the pupil of a military orchestra of the Astrakhan infantry regiment. As promised, was engaged very diligently and much more, than all others. A time he was expelled from a class only by the man on duty: MiG, the lad, and that you will be late for evening checking

Most of all Vasily liked a pipe. From it it could blow such sounds that not to each adult trumpeter in power. Its pipe, actually, also fed. Soon he began to change duty stations, having traveled over almost all Caucasus - always got over there where a little paid more. Spent some time also in Grozny.

When the guy was 22 years old, he was called up for military service and sent to serve in Tiflis. He did not hide from the commanders that he very much wants to come to the Moscow conservatory. But for this purpose, besides talent, also money was necessary, and Agapkin did not have enough them always, it sent everything to the stepmother

it was loved by all Tambov...

an exit was found

Shortly before demobilization - in Tambov there is a musical school with office of wind musical instruments.

can try to be arranged there But for a start it was necessary to find work in Tambov. On all city only three orchestras, two semi-professional and one military. Vasily on a habit first of all addressed in military. The conductor at first also did not want to listen about reception of the new trumpeter, but then curiosity got the best, and he asked the guy of the young man to play.

From the first sounds the conductor understood he got what talent. And silently took Agapkin at the staff.

The issue with work was resolved. But to come to school, it was a little. And here the destiny sent to Vasily rescue. In an image of nice light-haired Olyushka so it was pleasant to whom stately moustached hussar the soloist of brass band that it approached it.

She was one of the most popular milliners of Tambov, sheathing a good few of local women of fashion, and therefore unlike Vasily money at it was found. She employed tutors and helped the guy who became her husband to come to school. And as a wedding gift presented it a piano.

Fair-haired rescue...

Went 1910 - y year, and ten years later it rescued again it when the Red Army man Agapkin was seized by the ataman Antonov`s insurgents. It was wanted to be shot, but in were not in time, to the ataman the prostovolosy woman rushed:

- Do not ruin, he is not a fighter, he is a composer!

Alexander Stepanovich Antonov who carried out in imperial torture chambers from 1909 to 1917 - y year, tried to seem democratic:

- Composer? And allow to be curious what he wrote?

Such here farewell...

It happened in the fall of 1912 when attacks Turkish the Janissar on the Serbian cities became frequent. Serbians heroically battled, going to guerrilla groups. They were seen off by wives and mothers, saying goodbye, perhaps, forever. In the Russian newspapers then the Serbian subject and stories about how battle " was one of the most popular; bratushka .

On this patriotic wave at Agapkin of the beginning to grow ripe melody. It tormented him several days while once it did not zastruitsya itself from - under piano keys. It was march. But very much wrong in a tonality mi - a flat a minor. Then nobody wrote such marches, considering that they have to be bravura, awake with rise in sincere forces, but not grief! And here at its execution in itself there are damp eyes.

But where they today, these sceptics? And march which Agapkin called Farewell of the Slav still excites souls of millions of people. And very few people know that it it is painted on roles. Flutes, clarinets and saxophones cry together with women, and pipes and percussions call men on the front.

- Farewell of the Slav? - Antonov did not believe the ears. - If he wrote it, then has to play it without mistakes! Give this communist here! Let`s listen!

Agapkin played the march without mistakes. But already in the middle of a melody Antonov with the changed person jumped from a chair and ordered: All to rise! Before us the author Farewells of the Slav !

of Another and for nothing is not necessary to me

Life is life. Then Vasily Ivanovich was rescued. But once his Olyushka, this Saint woman, having returned from rest from Kislovodsk, ran in to the room to kiss three children and the beloved husband, but found only a note from it: Children at the neigbour. I fell in love with another .

Yes, it left. But she never reproached it it, did not blacken the father in the opinion of children. Just their ways dispersed. Once and for all. After divorce she did not marry any more - was a one-man woman. Told only: Such as Vasya, me all the same not to find, and it is worse - it is not necessary... .

March of farewell and march of the Victory

Agapkin for many years was a conductor 1 - y the Moscow school of transport department of GPU, then People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs. He was caused on November 4, 1941 by the marshal Budenny and received the strict order: in two days it has to collect an orchestra which will act on November 7, 1941 at the Red Square.

Agapkin with the orchestra was at the same Red Square during legendary Victory Day parade. And that is symbolical: both times it executed Farewell of the Slav which became two decades suddenly the anthem, both Red, and White army earlier. By the way, Agapkin`s orchestra played also on Lenin`s funeral.

Vasily Ivanovich died on October 29, 1964 on 81 - m to year of life, and is buried on the Vagankovo Cemetery. And on its monument the first notes of its well-known march are engraved Two texts of march you can find

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