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New collective: how to go through the mill?

At last after long searches you found the new place of work and, of course, lay great hopes on it. The elegant suit, a smile, gloss in eyes - you are armed and are in a forceful mood. Despite it, many prepare for military operations with even unknown future colleagues. But, having looked at a situation more attentively, the beginner can avoid own fears and placed on his way traps .

As a rule, in the first days of Stakhanov results will not demand from you. However early to write-off this day. Attentiveness, a step and couple of councils in a pocket - here important composed long career in the new company. Observe! Orient concerning the one who is who in your department and act according to conclusions.

From the first day there can be a feeling that all hiss around and perceive you in bayonets. Be not adjusted negatively - most likely, the impression is deceptive. Perhaps, the effect of a mirror worked: for example, having entered the room, you were concentrated and concerned. Thoughts were right there reflected in a face. And people around felt your feelings and responded same tension. A lot of things happen in new collective at the level of subconsciousness. So do not allow a negative even in thoughts! And in response to gloomy faces of the new colleagues smile.

Unfortunately, in practice only very few people are capable to spend quietly the first days at new work. And though it is quite justified as, according to psychologists, work change - one of the most severe stresses, very often our experiences is much more terrible than the expected events. To be a beginner in this case the same means approximately as to enter the muddy river - never you know that it can happen: the team can not accept you, can be mistaken in an assessment of own opportunities.

Will help to cope with fear... your work! Try to receive a task at once and actively join in production.

What do you think of criticism? Have patience and learn it is with appetite. Analyse that you do not so. It is clear, that the people knowing all process completely your sluggishness and mistakes from - for a lack of experience irritates. Forgive them generous, they just forgot what were when only came here. Or perhaps it is check? Did not keep - fall. By the way, such system was used by many great heads - Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch and the automobile magnate Henry Ford.

Perhaps, beginners allow most of all misses, uncertainly swimming among old residents and, often, mixing the emotional relations with business. Your, at first sight, kind disputes, familiar jokes or friendly remarks - it is simple to poison with such cocktail even the most cordial relations, and your excuses I meant well will not become antidote.

Showing professional eagerness in the first day - you make the most stupid mistake! Believe, from the new employee do not wait for anything supernatural: fresh decisions, flight imaginations. And for most of chiefs the new employee, first of all, the good performer. Not to reconcile to this role for the first several months - means, to turn a smooth career path into a twisting forest path. Even boring, monotonous work should be perceived with pleasure - differently as you will prove to the head the persistence, persistence and commitment?

Getting out of intricate networks of corporate subordination and dexterously passing all traps, do not forget an osobstvenny role and about that, why, actually came. Skilled and widely-read, armed with one hundred useful tips skilled soldiers all of you - uncertainly open a door. More safely! It does not matter, if in the first days something occurred not as you expected. For the present nobody cancelled the right for mistakes, and the open smile and friendly confidence - will only help to overcome them with ease.