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Who sent all of us behind matches ?

- go groups of the Finnish Red Guard occupied on January 28, 1918 the building of the Senate and other central institutions of the country in Helsinki. Well, as it is necessary - bank, post office, the station. And in Finland civil war began...

It claimed 30 thousand human lives. It is more, than not well-known for us, but memorable to neighbors, Winter war of 1939 - 40. And if to remember those Finnish Red Guards that after defeat through border went to the Soviet Russia? How many they, after 37 - go, disappeared in camps?

Darling the price, terrible for it, was paid by Finland for the independence. Both with that, and from other party her sons perished. The best of the best. Those who sincerely trusted in ideals for which he got up under the gun. No matter, Red guard or Shyutskor.

One of them was also Algot Untol`s (Algot Untola) . That about which we practically heard nothing, but well we know. Someone - on the remarkable translation which in 1951 was made by Mikhail Zoshchenko. But the most part - according to Leonid Gaidai`s movie which came to the Soviet screens in 1980. To that in which the whole constellation of film actors of that time was removed: Evgeny Leonov, Vyacheslav Nevinny, Georgy Vitsin. And this constellation has a name - Behind matches .

Yes, Algot Untola is also that Maya Lassila which in 1910 wrote the work of the Finnish art prose, most known in Russia. However, at the birth it had absolutely other surname. And on Algot`s life knew not only as Maya. Perhaps for this reason he somehow also told: It is impossible to live life in one image under one name .

I do not know how who another, and Algot precisely - could not. All his life is series of unexpected and very abrupt turns. Even in Finland where Maya Lassila already exactly the century enjoys invariable popularity, his few compatriots know history of his life full of riddles and paradoxes. But, one after another Future writer was born

on November 28, 1868 in volosts Tokhmayarvi in the territory of the present Sortavalsky district of the Republic of Karelia. Yakko Tiyetyavyaynen, the peasant of small prosperity was his father. So the boy had the first name - Algot Tiyetyavyaynen. The first, but not the last. Much still it will have them, as well as wanderings.

Algot was 11 years old when the family from - for debts moved to Ruskeal where, later small time, the father dies. In 1881 Algot took a surname of the stepfather - Untol and that though somehow to help a family, comes back to Tokhmayarvi to work to the estate of the native aunt. There the young farm laborer not only worked, but also there is also a lot of, diligent read, occupying books where only could.

It not just reached for knowledge. He was eager for them. Therefore return to Ruskeal where Algot is admitted to confirmatory school, was just inevitable. And here he was lucky. It was lucky on the good person. The Ruskealsky priest who saw passion of the young man to reading insisted on that in 1887 Lassila submitted the application for admission to Sortavalsky teacher`s seminary.

Algot was the capable student. Training was given it effortlessly. Especially he succeeded in learning of foreign languages, and the textbook on a world history knew almost by heart. In general, Lassila was a born polyglot. He freely spoke not only Russian and Swedish, but also in German, English, French, Latin.

And still study had to be interrupted. At Algot it was not simple to pay in what for it. To earn additionally, he some time edified in Ruskeal`s vicinities. Despite difficulties, in 1891 Lassila everything is graduated from seminary, received qualification of the teacher of national school and appointment to service to the town of Raakh.

But in 9 years he makes the next turn in the life and goes to St. Petersburg. The big city needed firewood. It is a lot of firewood. They were also delivered to the capital of the empire from the Karelian woods. Well knowing languages, educated and hardworking, Algot easily found work in one of intermediary firms on trade in forest products.

And all anything Only measured and quiet life - not for Maya Lassila. Well, it was it 1904 Algot steeps

B in revolutionary activity. According to some information, it consisted in the fighting organization of Social Revolutionaries and had some relation to preparation of attempt at the Minister of Internal Affairs Plehve. Apparently, it also served as the reason that Lassila darts off and goes to the solitude of Finland, to Lokhya where it becomes the teacher of national school.

But also there Algot long does not maintain. He throws everything again and moves to Pori. Becomes the journalist. In 1909 the writer under a pseudonym Ilmari Rantamala (Ilmari Rantamala) publishes the first novel Harkhama . This work so so far is also not transferred to Russian. It is a pity. Harkhama means - Wandering . Lassila was it also. And it - about it.

In the next 10 years Algot constantly changed pseudonyms. Under a name of Ilmari Rantamal already known to us wrote serious prose in which described life of workers, showed social stratification modern to it societies. As Ya. I. Vatanen (J. I. Vatanen) of Algot showed to the reader of a sketch of real life. Under a name Maya Lassila (Maiju Lassila) he with inexpressible humour told about close and clear as he made it in well-known to us the story Behind matches .

And still Finns know Algota Untola as Vyaynyo Shtenberg (V ä in ö Stenberg), Liisan - Antti (Liisan - Antti) and Yussi Porilaynen (Jussi Porilainen).

The writer communicated with publishers only by mail, and asked to send correspondence poste restante therefore the secret of his pseudonyms remained very long. Readers thought that it is different authors, and critics entered a name Maya Lassila in the section Women are writers . Solitary life of the writer had no limit: he cooked to himself food, cleaned the apartment, and specified by the profession in the house register - the general worker. Literary popularity grew, but nobody saw the writer. And it is not sophisticated. Even came for Algot`s walk furtively.

Nearly 6 years it conducted here such, absolutely unclear to his contemporaries a way of life. The writer as if purposely took into head to leave to descendants a riddle about the strange odd fellow - a nelyudima. It worked to an exhaustion, at the same time receiving very modest royalties.

And in 1916 Mr. Lassila once again sharply changes the life. Publishes Letters of the bourgeois which lets know that it is solidary with socialists. Becomes the journalist of the working newspaper Tyb`mies and revolutionary propagandist.

But red got beaten, on May 13, 1918 Lassila was arrested. The military court sentenced him to death. And, as often it happened in his life, in circumstances of death of the writer a lot of things remain a riddle. Only according to assumptions Maya was shot on May 21. By steamship which transported in Santakhaminsky prison. Most likely, his body is based together with other victims upon the island Wolf (Susisaari) in Suomenlinn`s fortress.

And on the city cemetery Helsinki built much later a symbolical grave on which there is a small plate with the image of a flower, a surname and the writer`s pseudonyms. As if several people lie here at once. No, it is the same Algot Tiyetyavyaynen, he is Ilmari Rantamala, Untola, Ya. Vatanen...

That whom we remember how Maya Lassila. We remember?. Well, at least for the fact that it it sent all of us Behind matches

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