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Why to go to a bath with a coffee thick?

And want to be told that go to a bath with a broom, but not with a coffee thick. Maybe with something, intended for moisture completion, but with coffee waste? - Br - r - the river

Yes, it is valid, go to a bath with a broom, a towel and soap. It is the main, necessary set at visit of a bath.

However, besides the main set, take various balms, herbs, infusions of herbs, collecting herbs in a bath and so on. They can be got in shops, drugstores or to prepare most.

Instead of skin balm can take a coffee thick of natural coffee.

from coffee which we drink in the mornings and during the day contains In a coffee thick a large amount of oils, and excellent quality.

What amount of coffee is necessary for this procedure?

the Necessary quantity is defined by the sizes of a body and care of an expense. The person by growth in 165 cm weighing 60 kilograms requires the minimum dose of a coffee thick in volume of four coffee cherpachok. The coffee cherpachok on volume is equal to one tablespoon.

In what and how to cook coffee for use of a coffee thick in a bath? needs to be prepared for

of Coffee in the special ware called Turk (cezve). At preparation of coffee not to use sugar, or not to abuse it. It is also desirable not to mix a coffee thick with cream. For obtaining purity of experiment I recommend to adhere to the tested method.

However at absence Turks of coffee can be prepared in a saucepan or the special coffee maker.

If houses constantly you use coffee, then you cannot collect necessary quantity. The collected coffee thick has to be damp and the same day.

What with it to do when and as to apply it? the Coffee thick is applied by

in the finishing phase of bathing procedures. That is, by this moment it is necessary to take a steam bath, be washed and to be rinsed, but not to be wiped by a towel. Skin of your body has to be pure and damp. Then take

a coffee thick and it is accurate, apply with the gentle movements on all body., the gentle movements, as at many skin sensitive. People with very sensitive skin need to seek to avoid scratches. At the same time when greasing an integument of a body there is its massage. It is promoted by small particles of coffee. For greasing of hard-to-reach spots ask to help the partner in a bath, having explained him rules of drawing a coffee thick.

After completion of procedure of drawing a thick on a body, time is necessary for absorption by skin of the essential oils which are contained in a coffee thick. Five - ten minutes of endurance will be sufficient time for this procedure. It is possible to increase hold time, and it is not desirable to reduce. At reduction of time it is possible not to reach the necessary effect.

Upon termination of hold time rinse a body, for the purpose of removal of particles of coffee. When rinsing soap is not recommended to be applied. It can wash away an oil microfilm from a body integument which was formed by the put coffee.

After rinsing the body needs to allow to dry out, it is possible to get wet slightly with a towel, but not to rub.

When your body will be dry, run over it a hand. You will feel that your skin became velvety and gentle.

Here such magnificent effect can be gained if to take with itself in a bath a coffee thick.