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Why deception - it is bad?

In modern society are observed confrontation replacement by the competition as it brings benefit. But, competitive fight forces to look for more effective ways of achievement of the planned purposes. Therefore, the possibility of use of dishonest methods can seem to some people even more seductively. Such people want to be warned against commission of a tragic mistake.

some reasons of objective character impede Very often successful progress of business. Really, the parties involved in activity of the enterprise not always are interested to perform completely required operations. Each person has own desires, and in total these desires as a rule do not coincide. What generates contradictions and oppositions which the impossibility fully follows to execute conceived.

Therefore to avoid failures it is necessary to look for supporters and to convince them that with their help it was possible to overcome the found obstacles. But, not always the alignment of forces happens so favorable that they could be satisfied. Very often opponents can oppose the best resources, the best methods, the best controllability, the best productivity. Even on ability to react adequately to the changing situation and to adapt successfully to new conditions now it is not always possible to give odds. Therefore, if in the available conditions adequately it is not possible to prove, there is a need to change conditions.

Here, here this line has a choice which sometimes happens very hard. It is obvious what the truth not always turns out wishing to achieve, it is obvious that the correct way can impose undesirable restrictions. If so, then why it is impossible to go the wrong way?

Asking itself such question, the person can not always find enough arguments to resist seductive prospects. Well, but without having kept from the introduction on the harmful way, the person goes on it to sad result.

The way begins with banal deception. If the truth it is impossible to achieve the desirable, then it is possible to try to achieve the desirable a lie. And, already here it becomes clear that the absurd lie is not trusted. Really, how it is possible to believe in what does not go in?

Therefore, lies should be made out so that it could be accepted. But, then there can be problems with an opportunity to execute the desirable. And if there are no desirable embodiment methods in life, then, purely for technical reasons, the desire all the same will not be granted.

It forces to work over approach of the desirable to possible, induces to do lie realistic, similar that it happens in reality, and it allows deception to receive a start in life. The interlocutor becomes possible to be convinced only because he has no experience. But, experience business acquirable. If the idea shines and offers tempting distances, like those which in the speech were offered by Ostap Bender describing interplanetary chess tournament in remote Vasyuki, then why it is impossible to try to realize a brilliant idea?

It is not known as if there took place attempt of residents of Vasyuki to make the town the capital of the Universe, but chess tournament for the pseudo-grand master was extremely unsuccessful. So unsuccessful in practice are also many other undertakings which are also carelessly estimating conditions of the made actions.

Therefore the lie should be mixed with the truth. And, it is required to lean on the truth that under this look to carry by though an unauthenticity shred. Such delusions can go long all over the world, can, even, find great popularity in society, but only until are to come across counteraction.

However, counteraction it is possible to try to avoid. For example, Ostap and his companions managed to avoid punishment in time having retired from Vasyuki. But, even the well thought-out plan can fail if it becomes known to contractors. In Mark Twain`s novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn two characters who deception raised money from residents of small towns are described. Their trade was successful, the pseudo-king and the pseudo-duke avoided punishment in time running from furious crowd. But, once the plan of their deception became in advance known to residents of the town, and, at the next execution of representation, deceivers were grabbed and subjected to Lynch`s court. Existence of such dangers forces to make out deception so that it could not be checked in practice and to disprove by means of experience.

If someone thinks that practice - a universal way of check, then he cruelly is mistaken, is also mistaken as the turkey can be mistaken being in a cage. Can seem to a turkey that she is immortal as all her actions which are negatively influencing viability are stopped. But, there comes Thanksgiving Day, and the stuffed turkey will have to decorate a table.

It should be noted that the impossibility to check in practice can proceed not only from limitation of opportunities, the impossibility of practical check can also proceed and from the set conditions. For example, on modern representations, it is impossible to observe the valid future before its approach. The past, on the same representations, will not be seen at all and can be only reconstructed on the artifacts which are in the present. But, even artifacts can be removed aside by consideration of alternative history. Therefore, the space for a formation of myths, at desire, can be found always.

On the one hand, if the theory cannot be checked in practice, it can and be not considered, but, on the other hand, practical conclusions can proceed from the theory. For example, life after death does not give in to direct studying. More or less, a reliable way of its skilled studying is passing through clinical death, but, and in this case, not all can be checked. Therefore, about life after death it is possible to tell anything, without being afraid to be the disproved practical example. As a rule, the fate of the people who lived life in one way or another that provides influence of these legends on behavior of people during life is specified in the description of afterlife. People, usually, want to themselves good not only in this world, but also on that.

Anyway, but any information comprises logic. Therefore if information cannot be checked in practice, then it can be executed mentally. In certain cases, using knowledge of prerequisites and of consequences, information can be formalized and promodelirovat by means of the computer. The more precisely there will be available knowledge of the considered phenomena, the more precisely there will be a result.

Having seen the end result it will be possible to know degree of an udachnost of an invention and possible consequences from realization of conceived. It is favorable to do the described check as it can strange seem, not only to the person interested to define reliability degree, it is favorable to do the described check and to the liar, the possibility of failure calls into question undertaking. As why to deceive if it by the purpose not to reach all the same? And, why to deceive if deception can lead to irreparable losses?

It is obvious that it will lead to the fact that any theoretically possible problems will be revealed. Promodelirovav according to the set conditions, it will be possible to define the validity or an inaccuracy of the considered idea. Such check exists, for example, in the exact sciences. Thanks to an exact formulation of axioms, it is possible to prove with an absolute accuracy theorems or hypotheses.

Therefore, even at impossibility to make check by practical consideration, the possibility of a mistake can be revealed purely theoretically. And it means what at expansion of system of knowledge less opportunities will remain the unknown with wrong information and to be unaccounted. Each mistake, whether it be revealed thanks to experience or thanks to the blank theory can be used against its carrier. Therefore, all mistakes will be or are considered, or will lead to crash going an incorrect way.