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Where today real holiday? A carnival in the beauty - Nice

in the world cheerful, spectacular carnivals One by one start. On January 16 the carnival in Argentina, " opened; shot a carnival in Spain, carnivals in Mexico, Italy, Brazil still are coming

A today, on February 13 - the opening day of the Main traditional spring carnival in France which already many years pass in Nice - the well-known resort in French riviera, and it will last till March 1. It is one of three largest carnivals of the world along with similar festive events in Venice and Rio - - Zhaneyro.

Many festivals and carnivals which are carried out in different points of the globe trace the roots back to depth of centuries - to a farewell to winter and a pagan holiday of Maslenitsa. And the carnival in Nice can brag of especially strong traditions and antiquity of the family tree.

When in 1294 - m to year the duke Anzhuysky arrived to this magic area on Hugo - the West of France for several days to have a good time, its loyal, having had a desire to present to the governor unforgettable rest, began to organize one by one balls, representations, masquerades and fireworks.

National festivities as if the fire, captured the city. Walked and celebrated not only the aristocracy and grandees. A commonalty - handicraftsmen, fishermen, seamstresses and market dealers had fun, danced and frightened each other by masks directly on streets.

Since then similar festivities will be organized in Nice annually in the form of a large-scale Carnival that was quite good help for replenishment of the local budget during resort off-season. Now on a cheerful celebration about one million guests gather every year, but organizers do everything to surpass also this result.

Carnival procession along tradition is headed by the King Karnavala with whose solemn arrival multi-day festival begins. In the past, 2008 - the m to year, was elected by the King Karnavala the president of France Jacques Chirac whose role played his huge 13 - the meter double made from a papya - Masha.

And as it is impossible for the King without suite in any way, it was followed also by others French politicians - the same paper Nikola Sarkozy, Francois Bayrou and Segolene Royal weighing to 2 tons everyone and towering over vehicles on 8 - 12 meters.

The solemn procession with huge dolls on the chariot before which dancers of folklore ensemble danced on the run proceeded on the well-known Promenad Embankment - a misinformation - Angle. Elegant school students of local schools brought up the rear. Having adequately met its Majesty Karnaval, participants and the audience of a celebration in the first day had to elect also the Queen of a holiday in the evening.

For each carnival action organizers choose every year the new name reflecting a certain subject. For example, in 1953 - m to year the name of a holiday sounded as King of " circus; in 1957 - m - King Gastronomii in 1964 m the carnival was called King of the Dance in 1990 m - King Smekha and in 1997 m - King Sporta .

The name of a holiday 2008 - go years, Big fight reflected the upcoming presidential elections and the future rugby World Cup which had to take place in France. And therefore appearance of characters of the French government on last year`s Karnavala was not casual.

The main characters Karnavala travel about on city streets every day. And delighted public - the audience and actors - all participants of carnival procession, enthusiastically meet them Parade and Fight of " Colours;. It is rich decorated in the fresh flowers, elegant platforms (in total about twenty) from which charming girls and nice young men in extravagant suits and fantasy hats gracefully throw into crowd of a handful of confetti and bouquets of flowers, move a magnificent colourful procession.

Sometimes bombing in the flowers indeed reminds attack of fighting shells therefore this show and received the name Fight of " Colours;. Fine sesquicentennial flower fight inexpressibly is pleasing to the eye. The numerous audience and tourists who arrived to Nice never any more, probably, will forget violence of paints and luxury of the elegant flower shows serving as indispensable attributes of a carnival.

And as designers of platforms try to outdo each other in art of creation of the most original and beautiful composition! And not for nothing - creators of the best work by all means will win a prize! And therefore florists and designers make the most real feats, competing among themselves not only in the embodiment of imaginations and a delicate taste, but also in dexterity, and in speed.

To cover with flowers of a platform, each of which has 7 m in length, 2 m in width and 6 m in height, 4 - 5 thousand stalks are necessary! And the audience sees already ready result, even without imagining all that the long and laborious previous work on placement in magnificent fragrant composition of each flower separately.

Music, illumination, a flood of light and light, the atmosphere of general fun fills streets and during night processions. In the sky multi-colored fireworks fly up, magic or ominous fragrant smokes Massen`s

, the main city square with the wonderful fountain and a garden rise, lights up in the evenings garlands of the bulbs and searchlights which are exchanging winks and blazing in the night sky. The walls of houses illuminated from within a figure, painted with artists, dancings of some turning fiery wheels Only absolutely lazy or indifferent it will not want to join to noisy crowd, it will not want to do some shooting from the barrels which are on sale at every turn.

All seek to arm with special barrels, young and old, here to shoot from them each other the long color makaronina which are hardening directly on the fly and closing up with the passer of the person, a mask and carnival hats.

Well and if guests Karnavala are lazy, were tired or are not admirers of so noisy cheerful companies, then they can just wander on picturesque small streets of Old Nice, admire the city, be passed on vicinities, visit the museums or estimate the well-known French cuisine where - nibud at cozy silent small restaurant. And what just it is worth breathing fresh air, enjoying soft climate, the picturesque nature, the sea, the sun and the blue sky of French riviera.

After two-week festivals with concerts, and representations, pleasure walks and bewitching parties in the decorated cafes, festivities come to the end as that is demanded by tradition, with solemn burning King of a carnival and its environments on the special platform near the sea. Apollon Grigoryev is the stranger in solar Italy, wrote fine, passionate dedication to a carnival which sounds truthfully also today in far May of the 1858th year, reflecting all that he happened to see then!


is Remembered by me as the carnival rustled,

Curling a dragon rattling,

As it rushed madly and brightly sparkled, As it my heart both pricked

and squeezed

the trunk motley and burning.

I, the newcomer from the distant country,

With secret envy, with rage mute

Had these magically patten dreams,

This motley mix full of strength of novelty

With unclear live old times.

But involuntarily I Was sent to a dragon to the power

, is begun to whirl by its world, -

Heart understood both happiness, and passion,

I languor, both nonsense, and desire to fall

In ecstasy before a new idol again.

May, 1858, Chivitta - Vekkia

A you will go to a carnival?