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How to behave in the supermarket

Last Century presented us it invention as supermarket. It is easy to notice that all necessary in these shops nearby, literally near at hand and from one calling it is possible to be bought by everyones nuzhnost and delicacies beginning from banks of pickles and finishing with washing machines, for the week ahead. The truth some accidents can spoil considerably mood to the neveduyushchy buyer. Therefore in any avoidance of incidents with pleasure I will share the experience with you and knowledge.

In - the first, any representative of a supermarket cannot force you to hand over the bags, especially to try to stop you by force in case the shop officially does not guarantee appropriate protection and safety of the load left by you on an entrance. The representative of shop, as a rule is the security guard or the selling assistant, can ask you to seal a bag in a cellophane package or to go for you a tail on a trading floor.

In - the second if you is unintentional zadel to a regiment with goods and the bnka with cucumbers scattered in tinkling sounds, you are not obliged to pay for it at all. As according to the Civil code, risk of luchayny death or damage of property in this case lies on the owner. That is the shop until you did not pay for the goods chosen by you and did not receive the cash voucher about its payment. But if you spoiled goods intentionally or on the negligence, for example, holding five bottles of beer in hand, stretched for the sixth and by that rolled all shelf on a floor, then in this case it is necessary to indemnify the damage caused to shop after all. According to the article of the Civil code, the harm caused to property of the citizen or legal entity, is subject to compensation in full by the person which did harm . If you are confident in the innocence, then can safely prove that to all fault a slippery floor, regiments which are strongly filled up with goods, a sticky counter, too narrow pass or magnetic storms. In 95% of supermarkets there are surveillance cameras about which help, as a rule everything clears up. Otherwise if you caused a significant damage, the shop will file a lawsuit most likely against you where you will prove the case. So it is better vseg to find out coordinates of witnesses of all event. Especially as the shop at once will begin to make out the act of the incident for the report on accounts department.

And by the way, pay attention that has no right to demand from pokupachelya identity documents administration of shop. In case of refusal to be represented, the administrator needs only to call police officers. Of course, employees super, hyper, or just a market, will not want to a pribyiya militia reinforcements to let out you from shop. However to detain you it is necessary to them very accurately, now you can flash knowledge of the Criminal code - the article 203 Abuse of office by employees of private security or detective services involves punishment in the form of imprisonment for up to seven years.

There now, now having supported with knowledge it is possible to go safely behind purchases.