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What to do that even in crisis your profit only increased?

Those which worked in the old manner, without showing sufficient resourcefulness. Those which sought to capture the widest market. Those which worked by the rules as all. And in big business, and in small too. And now not that time! There is not enough money for all any more. Strongly is not enough!

Well, and what to do that who is not eager to look for and take the place on a cemetery?

We will try to understand.

1. To Humour (to reduce the prices, to send gifts, to arrange routine special service, etc.) not just regular customers, but only those regular customers who give the greatest profit. Profit, at smaller expenses - the big income!! You are not lazy to consider profit, but not the sum of the paid orders.

2. Look for non-standard ideas on increase in profit. There are no such ideas? There would be a desire to look for them, and there would be a desire to their embodiment. Example. My mother-in-law ordered a hall by the individual order. The matter is that at us non-standard for our settlement huge 300 - an apartment house, in which very narrow halls. Under such hall the sketch was also made. In a workshop (the enterprise this pass - you will not call shop) offered the mother-in-law rather large assignment from each new paid order according to this sketch at once. Considering that my mother-in-law the former partrabotnik also knows practically all inhabitants of this house, it found so many clients that the workshop began to work in two changes with

3 soon. to Decuple or even more to increase studying of competitors. It is necessary to do it always, but in crisis - it is valid a matter of life and death.

4. to Refuse any actions which do not lead to strengthening of your differences from others. And not only without adducing any proof " type; Super - a puper of the " window; excellent company. From others than excellent? What super - (ultra - mega-) receive advantages (and differently the spoiled client to you will not go) those who will agree to cooperate with you. By the way, here it is also possible to cite as an example the VIP - clients (see item 1).

5. the Consequence from the previous point. To throw all available funds in niche advertizing where you have overwhelming advantage, or to quickly create that. At the same time it is obligatory to consider a time factor: search of a niche will not give fast effect. At once clients will not appear.

6. If the real, profitable niche is found, hundred times think how it will be protected from almost lightning copying of your experience by competitors, it is not less important, than search of a niche and positioning in it. That is to think over as to become competitors similar to you it would be difficult, expensive and long.

7. If your company is small, strenuously drub idea in the real and future clients: The Large companies now (emphasize - in the majority, exceptions, of course happen that not to get ) boorishly treat clients . It is also possible to speak also of the companies from another town.

8. Efficiency, efficiency, once again efficiency! Time presently - not only money, but also the greatest competitive advantage!! In firm surely there has to be a group (groups) of quick response for customer service, concordants to pay for efficiency. And in general, it is necessary to Optimize in firm all: various technical means etc. - everything that helps to work not just quickly, and very quickly, without losing the problem definition accuracy, professionalism of participants of group, equipment in quality.

9. If time, convenient for clients, does not coincide with our official worker, it is necessary to make it that.

10. At us it is so accepted: to employ for three kopeks of prodavatel - morons, and then to worry about low sales . It not about you. And if you saw the approach in these words, act exactly the opposite! Employ, at last, for marketing, PR and sales of true professionals! During crisis it is not so expensive!

11. And the last in this short article, though this point - an unevident consequence from previous. Try to make so that any, addressing you (the client, the supplier checking even etc.) just derived pleasure. A brand is what people with pleasure overpay for!

Also will be then your production (expressed in bank notes) every day is more and more, it is more and more!