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What they are the Gipsy children?

the external difference between the Russian child and the child - the Gipsy is clear to All. But very few people know, than besides the Gipsy children differ from the Russian peers. Having decided to learn as much as possible about Roma, I, being in the village where there live Roma, was not too lazy to come into school and to talk to teachers. They found many features in appearance and behavior of children of this nationality.

Feature 1 At school on changes they quite often stick to

together, though do not avoid the Russian children. Sometimes, that the tsyganyat is forgotten where are and begin to communicate with each other in the language, teachers should remind them that it is ugly to talk on nobody clear language.

Feature 2

the Gipsy children do not differ from Russians in the frequency of non-performance of homework, but when they come to school with not ready task, they have a justification - parents were busy, and they had to be found with their younger brothers or sisters. In the majority Gipsy a family actually there are a lot of children therefore nothing surprising that the senior children quite often should care for younger. From - for need to sit with younger brothers or sisters, the Gipsy children sometimes even ask for leave from lessons.

Feature 3 most difficult is given to

From all subjects of the school program by it Russian. Despite bad literacy, the Gipsy children are usually not kept in the same grade because the reason of poor progress of the teacher is seen that except Russian, they know also the native language.

4 in general can tell feature to

that children of this nationality not especially are interested in study, the three and the fours - the estimates, most widespread in their diaries, and here the five happen rather seldom.

Feature 5

After school the Gipsy children, as a rule, do not continue training though have the right to it, both young men, and girls. Residents of the village tell that one of yesterday`s school students go to the northern cities to work with a shift method, others get a family and children, and the third are in time both that, and another.

Feature 6 If study Roma not strongly are interested in

, then they take active part in life of school. Any action does not take place without dances of the Gipsy girls. In public they usually show east, and the national dances execute only houses. The movement for them is life. The Gipsy children dance always and everywhere: in a corridor of school and on its porch, on a scene and on the street. And, if among Russians the dancing guy is a rarity, then for Roma is a commonplace. Teachers tell that often in a corridor it is possible to meet several boys - Roma who dance, having turned on the music at themselves on phone.

Feature 7

One more feature of children of this nationality that they unlike the Russian contemporaries, are not lazy after hours to attend any additional classes. Teachers tell that they arrive on time on a circle always, and in the head of them usually full of new, interesting ideas.

Feature 8 to Teachers these children do not leave to

special problems. And here the manager feldshersko - obstetric point in the village tells the return. She says that parents allow everything to the Gipsy children. Therefore if the Russian children among adult unfamiliar people behave modestly, then Roma it is very free. To do them remarks it is useless because they will pretend that they do not hear them.

Feature 9

the appearance the Gipsy children, more precisely the Gipsy girls, are allocated from the lump of Russians too. They, as well as adults, very much love jewelry. Teachers tell that sometimes girls - Gipsies come to occupations with long ear rings in ears and wide bracelets on hands. They too are obviously able to use cosmetics.

Feature 10

the Most popular man`s name lately - David. Workers of a rural first-aid post reported that as the Gipsy boy in the village is born, so his David name.

Despite all listed features, teachers all - say that Russian before them the child or the Gipsy they do not see a big difference. All of them are children, and it is not important in what language they talk or under what music dance.