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From where the Cheshire cat undertook?

From Lewis Carroll`s fairy tale - you will tell. And, of course, you will not be mistaken. The smile mysterious and absolutely unusual for cats became a fairy tale " logo; Alice in Wonderland . But the Cheshire cat existed still before Carroll thought up inquisitive and judicious Alice and a wonderland with her somewhat eccentric citizens. In the initial version the fairy tale (1864) of the Cheshire cat was not. There was it in 1865.

The main line of the Cheshire cat is that he when to it it will take in head, dissolved in air and leaves behind only a sardonic smile. Expression smiles as a Cheshire cat in those days it was very popular in England. There are, at least, two options explaining from where this expression went.

The first: in the County of Cheshire where the storyteller Carroll was born, the unknown painter drew over doors of taverns of the grinning cats. Generally it had to be lions or leopards, but cats, probably, were closer to Cheshire soul.

The second: the species of smiling cats was given to Cheshire cheeses, history totals them a little - many nine centuries. By the way, every year in February in Chester there take place interesting competitions - the championship on driving of cheese. Cheese is rolled in the run-up to the annual gastronomic Food and Drink festival. Residents of Chester honestly support teams of Cheshire, Stilton and Lancashire which in turn honestly have to pass all obstacles. Everything begins at 11 in the morning. Prior of the Chester cathedral gives a green light to start race, and the wheel of Cheshire cheese begins to be rolled around the Chester gate constructed in the 14th century on the place of the Roman shaft and roll it to gate at Bridzh Strit Bridge.

From Books of Fictional Beings it is possible to learn that in English there is an expression grin like a Cheshire cat that means to grin sardonically as the Cheshire cat . To expression different explanations are offered. One reminds us of white Cheshire cheese again. The second is related to the Cheshire county - the English jokers claimed that over a high rank of the small county even cats " laughed;. The third version says that at the time of Richard the Third reign in the Cheshire county there lived the honest forest warden Katerling who caught poachers and at the same time sardonically grinned.

And here the Cheshire cat from a wonderland adopted ability to disappear at the ghost of the Kongltonsky cat. During lifetime this cat was a favourite of the inspector of abbey, but one fine day he did not come back home after the next walk... Several days later the woman heard a scratching at a door; on a threshold her favourite cat sat, however, in a moment it disappeared, as if evaporated in air. The ghost of a white cat was seen by hundreds of people for many years. It appeared every evening, it was seen by both the inspector, and her friends, and visitors of Cheshire abbey. Carroll, probably, was inspired by this history and used an image of the Kongltonsky ghost, thinking out the smiling Cheshire cat.

An image of the grinning cat able to be dissolved in air, leaving behind only a smile, occupying Alice not only talk, but also sometimes not catlike with philosophical fabrications, appears also in works based on Carroll`s fairy tale. The Cheshire cat can be seen in Disney`s animated film about Alice in Wonderland. The cat became one of characters of the video game based on Disney`s animated film. In a computer game of American McGee`s Alice there is Cheshire Kot of very picturesque look, it plays a role of the guide and Alice`s partner in a virtual wonderland.