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What will help tired eyes? Gymnastics of

Eyes - a window to the soul

Only if in reflection you see them tired and reddened, to make out your fine soul there will be problematic. It is no secret that eyes are tired and eyesight is damaged from many things which are a component of our modern life namely: insufficient illumination, tension of eyes during the work at the computer, etc.

Progress does not stand still, and here the majority of able-bodied population sits many years at work before the personal assistant. The computer to us, of course, the friend, but without competent approach can lead to sad consequences.

Of course, and earlier we broke the eyes, reading favourite books to holes, sometimes doing it at the wrong lighting, accepted the wrong poses when writing by hand of the text, reducing minimum admissible distance between eyes and object.

For many communication with the computer is not limited to the working hours which are carried out at office. Often, without having managed to come home, we run to a pet and tension and reddening is provided to our eyes again.

Not to accelerate process of deterioration in sight, it is necessary to follow certain rules of work at the computer. The first, it, of course, distance which needs to be observed during the work - at least 50 centimeters. The room in which you work has to have sufficient lighting.

And still it is necessary to do exercises for eyes. The frequency of carrying out exercises established by ophthalmologists - five minutes in each hour of work at the computer.

The minimum complex consists of the following exercises:

1. Sitting, strong narrow eyes for 3 - 5 seconds. Then widely open them, for 3 - 5 seconds too. Repeat 7 times.

2. Often blink for centuries within 2 minutes, representing as the butterfly the beautiful wings flits.

3. Close eyes and try to draw them various figures: the eight, a circle, a rhombus, just you transfer eyes from one corner (for example, the top right) to other corner (for example, the lower left). Do this exercise within 2 minutes.

4. Slightly press pillows of fingers on the closed eyelids of eyes and take 15 seconds. Then take a small break then repeat 5 times.

5. You look at the objects which are at different distances from your eyes. So, at first focus a look on the subject which is at small distance. Then translate a view of the object located at bigger distance. And at last, turn an eye in infinity. Then repeat this exercise upside-down.

When performing these exercises it is worth adhering to the following recommendations:

- carry out exercises quietly, without tension; - passing

from exercise to exercise, it is necessary to give rest to eyes, having covered them for some time;

- exercise should be carried out without points.

Even if the oculist says to you that with sight everything is all right, you should not tempt destiny. Prevention is the best means not only in the prevention of diseases, but also in many other spheres of our life. Good luck!