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What should be known being going to jump with a parachute?

If you, as well as I, are a fan to tickle the nervishka and to feel that our life is not just existence, and dangerous circulation on a knife blade, then it is sure that though once the thought came to your mind to jump with a parachute. Me, since 15 - tiletny age, this thought constantly visits. Lately I even more often thought of a jump. In anticipation of it (I will jump at the end of May) I decided to get acquainted with some useful information which will help to carry out conceived. Having got acquainted itself, I decided to acquaint also you, is sure that it is useful to someone too.

What should be taken with itself on airfield?

on airfield needs to approach

collecting very responsibly. It turns out that from - for lack of any objects which are at first sight seeming trifles, the jump can be cancelled.

You need clothes which completely close a body! Neither hands, nor legs, nor a neck can be open. Sleeves of jackets and a trouser-leg of trousers should not be lifted up therefore it is the best of all to fill them in gloves and socks. Gloves, by the way, are let and not an obligatory, but desirable article of clothing.

Not to do without footwear on a flat sole, with the closed ankle in any way, that is high. Any hooks, flypapers and the acting elements, it belongs both to footwear, and to clothes. Why? Because otherwise for ledges it can be hooked a sling.

Passport. The only document thanks to which it is possible to process the documents necessary for a jump. It is required also that who will want to get to himself the book of the athlete - the parachutist is a document which will confirm your participation in parachuting. Photos of 3 in size × also will be necessary for you for this purpose; 4 cm

Food and drink. Without it you will be allowed, of course, to a jump, but if it is necessary to wait long, then you just will have on it no forces.

What you should not do before a jump?

to Take alcohol. All the matter is that from - for it your brain will not work for 100%, so will not be able to react to the arisen dangerous situation in time. At height where atmospheric pressure is lower, than on the earth, effect of alcohol amplifies. One more factor, from - for whom you should not drink alcohol - the alcohol will reduce pleasure from a jump because the brain will work not at full capacity.

It is not recommended to use drugs too. Of course, this is not about means, important for your life, but it is necessary to leave what it is quite possible to refuse for later. The reason for which medicines are harmful before a jump, the same, as alcohol - delay of work of a brain.

To be ill. To catch a cold or recover not in our power, but all - is not recommended to make jumps with cold and cold. In - the first, it can lead to injury of nasal bosoms and eardrums. And, in - the second, from - for infections pain can appear. If you are chilled, then do not jump better.

to Whom is not recommended to jump with a parachute?

Independent jumps persons whose weight reaches 45 kg can make

and does not exceed 95.

To people at whom very weak sight it is impossible to jump with a parachute. Those at whom short-sightedness is developed not really strongly should jump with contact lenses or points with plastic glasses. With deafness or a tugost of high degree it is also not necessary to make jumps.

There is a number of diseases, from - for whom it is forbidden to jump with a parachute strictly. Treat them: epilepsy, diabetes, sharp and chronic diseases of a middle ear, mental diseases, high arterial pressure. Do not try at all it is hidden the diseases, you first of all will suffer from it.

It is necessary to consult with the doctor in case at you is warmly - vascular diseases, were any leg injuries, bones of a basin, a backbone or other diseases oporno earlier - the motive device. After a fracture of the leg it is impossible to jump with a parachute within a year.

If you found something that is inherent in you or your organism, then be not upset very strongly in all this list. Yes, with a parachute you will not manage to jump, most likely, but all - is in our world still a set of the extreme, tickling nerves sports or just entertainments thanks to which it is possible to feel the true taste of life. Bright impressions to you and thrills!