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From what to make meatless cutlets?

Yes, in the modern dictionary cutlet are called and the fried flat cake from vegetable " forcemeat;.

We will look at their recipes. Perhaps, there will be judges of these dishes. Only it is necessary to make the reservation about salt. Salt is a matter of taste and commitment to healthy food.

But we will return to cookery. So, of cutlet

from dried peas. to Wet a glass of peas for 6 - 8 hours, to merge water, peas to weld and pass via the meat grinder together with a garlic head half. To add 1 - 2 crushed and fried bulbs, a quarter of a teaspoon of ground pepper, a half of a glass flour, one - two eggs, to mix, cut on cutlets, to roll in them in crackers and to fry about 5 minutes (on creamy or vegetable oil). When giving on a table to water with sour cream, to strew with parsley greens.

from dried haricot. to wet Two glasses of haricot for 8 - 10 hours, to cook, will not become soft yet, to salt, cook some more minutes. To merge and more hotly to wipe through a sieve. To add parsley greens, small cut head of onions, a half-glass of grated cheese, a half of a teaspoon of black ground pepper and 2 eggs to mashed potatoes. It is good to vent everything and to cut cutlets, to roll in them to flour, to moisten in the shaken-up egg and to fry on vegetable oil. It is also possible to make lentil cutlets.

from corn. the Combined recipe of cutlets from peas and haricot. Only instead of cheese it is better to add a half-glass of grated sheep cheese, and also any crushed fresh greens (parsley, fennel, an estragon). To cut on cutlets, to roll in in crackers and to fry.

from millet grain. to Cook porridge from 200 grams of grain, to cool. To fry several mushrooms (frozen or dried and in advance wetted) with small cut bulb. To add 50 grams of pulp of the white loaf wetted in milk and which is wrung out and 4 yolks. To mix everything with porridge, to make cutlets. To moisten everyone with protein of egg and to roll in in crackers. To fry on vegetable oil, to give with salad. In this way cutlets can be made also from buckwheat.

from semolina and cottage cheese. to Boil one and a half glasses of milk, to gradually pour into it in it 8 teaspoons of semolina, to add a tablespoon of butter and egg, to stir, remove from fire, to cool, make small cutlets of weight, to fill them with cottage cheese, to roll in in flour and to fry. It is possible to add raisin and a dried pounded crust of tangerine to cottage cheese.

from potatoes and cottage cheese. to Weld in salty water of 6 potatoes. To wipe them with 150 - 200 grams of cottage cheese. To roast small chopped up bulb, to add fennel. To mix everything with kartofelno - curds, to make cutlets and to fry them in oil.

from fresh cabbage. to cut Leaves of cabbage not largely and to boil in podsolyonny water, will not become soft yet. Then to cast away on a colander and to cut small. To add 2 eggs, a head of small cut onions, greens of parsley and such amount of flour or breadcrumbs that dense mix turned out. To cut cutlets, to roll in them in flour, to lower in the shaken-up egg and to roast on vegetable oil.

from vegetable marrows and potatoes. 500 grams of vegetable marrows to clear, rub on a large grater, to add the boiled and passed via the meat grinder potatoes (3 - 4) it is good to mix. To add 2 eggs, small cut parsley greens, salt, pepper, flour to the received weight, to create from it cutlets, to bread them in flour and to fry in strongly warmed sunflower oil.

from cabbage with apples. 500 grams of fresh cabbage small to chop and pripustit in a glass of milk and a half of a glass of water. To add 2 tablespoons of semolina to ready cabbage and to hold on fire to readiness. To add some 3 small cut apples. To create cutlets, to roll in in crackers and to roast on vegetable oil.

Bon appetit!