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What tasty and useful dishes can be prepared from a sorrel?

Once I with parents lived in the accurate German town on which suburb there was a big ancient park. In the spring we with mother on long paths of park came into its deafest part which already grew together with the wood, and collected gentle green leaves of a sorrel. Rare passersby with astonishment looked at us, in Germany it is not accepted to gather even forest mushrooms and berries. And we filled leaflets packages, and then houses cooked salads with pleasant sourness, cooked green Russian cabbage soup, baked pies with a sorrel.

Now I collect a sorrel on the Siberian beds during the season several times. The perennial plant well grows on any soils. Leaves of a sorrel contain a large amount of oxalic acid, and also lemon, apple, salicylic and amber acids. The sorrel is also rich with vitamin C, pro-vitamin A, vitamins of group B, to routines, valuable proteins, glycosides, iron and potassium.

From juicy sour leaves of a sorrel prepare Russian cabbage soup, borsches, okroshkas, salads, stuffings for pies. Use a plant and in traditional medicine. In the Urals long since a sorrel treated a scurvy. It is recommended for digestion improvement, at allergic and skin diseases, at quinsy and also as the means increasing appetite. In east medicine a sorrel wounds treat.

The best sorrel - spring, it has krovoochistitelny effect. Therefore during this period when sorrel leaves are only born, it it is better to use in the raw, adding to salads. It is desirable to prepare Russian cabbage soup and other dishes later when leaves become more dark and more rough.

Salad from a sorrel with eggs

Is crushed the washed-out sorrel leaves, we cut small boiled eggs. Everything is mixed, we salt, we fill with sour cream. Salad from a sorrel with nuts

we Cut with

sorrel leaves, we mix with the crushed walnuts. We add honey.

Vegetable salad with a sorrel

the Sorrel is small cut, we add largely polished carrots and the sliced boiled potatoes. For gas station we use vegetable oil with the crushed onions. spinach Salad and a sorrel

we Chop with

spinach and a sorrel, we add the cut green onions. We prepare gas station, having mixed honey with cranberry berries. Salad can be decorated with nuts. Salad from a sorrel with olives

the Sorrel, green onions, parsley we wash out

, small we cut. We add the cut olives, salt and vegetable oil to taste. Then everything is well mixed and we decorate with the hard-boiled eggs.

Russian cabbage soup green

Is washed out by

and small we cut sorrel leaves. We cook meat broth, we salt. We fry small cut onions, carrots, parsley, a celery in vegetable oil of 5 minutes. In hot broth we lower the sliced potatoes, in 10 - 15 minutes - korenye, the cut hard-boiled egg and a sorrel. We give with sour cream and greens. This recipe is good also for fast Russian cabbage soup. Borsch green

Beet we slice

, we extinguish to readiness. We fry korenye and onions. In the boiling broth the cut potatoes are lowered, in 10 - 15 minutes we add stewed beet, fried korenye, the cut sorrel and spices. In plates with borsch we put sour cream, it is possible to decorate with slices of abruptly cooked eggs. Green okroshka

we wash with

a sorrel, we boil in the added some salt water, we wipe. Broth with a sorrel is cooled, we add to it small cut green onions pounded with salt, the cucumbers cut small, the wiped yolk. We give with sour cream and greens of fennel. Holodnik from a sorrel

the Sorrel small we cut

, we boil in the added some salt water of 5 - 7 minutes, we cool. We add small cut green onions, cucumbers, fennel, a garden radish, boiled potatoes and boiled eggs to broth. It is possible to add sausage or boiled meat. Well we stir, we give with sour cream.

the Stuffing for pie

For pies use different types of the test: barmy, puff and so forth. The stuffing can be made sweet, adding on 150 g of a sorrel of 100 - 150 of sugar (sometimes this mix is extinguished in a small amount of water to softness). And it is possible to prepare a stuffing without sugar, having added to small cut sorrel for aroma several leaflets of mint or a melissa lemon. In this case it is necessary to salt a little.

Leaves of a sorrel prepare for the future, having frozen or having salted. Then it is possible to please itself and relatives with a spring lunch in the winter.