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Where to move to the last romantic?

So many places on the earth are experienced and so much still remain a riddle... Desert islands, wide beaches, deserted deserts and rainforests - all these beauty of the nature attract adventurers and push away fans of comfort. Some need rest with all conveniences, and someone and has enough backpack. However the love to a civilization does not prevent to be the romantic. And such people can quite find the paradise too, even without leaving the European part of the world.

So, on a note to romantics - travelers: what cities of Europe to visit wholly to enjoy a pensive spirit?

1. Paris

No comments. Perhaps, it is slightly banal, but for the same reason - it is obligatory. If just you want to derive pleasure, the museums are optional (though are desirable for the general development). For bright and unforgettable impressions enough foot walks, artists on Montmartre and supervision over city life. Mix of chic and the French daily occurrence - an inexpressible tandem. In earphones - only the French accordion. And, by the way, the Eiffel Tower perfectly looks on a photo from any foreshortening...

2. Tallinn

For those who read tales of the princess ground in a tower much. It is a little towers in the old city, but the spirit of the Middle Ages is definitely felt... Small lodges on narrow small streets, lamps of bizzare shapes - all this so stores a spirit of the age that just you forget that it also the residential area. A set of souvenir shops, a stone blocks and red roofs of the accurate lodges located at the different levels... Such refined simplicity should not be surprised. On a note: surely find girls in national suits which from vehicles sell almonds in syrup - pleasure of taste!

3. London

If to you its sky dreamed

, the city waits... And fog can be romantic too. And English restraint, undoubtedly, stylishly. It is that city which does not shine fires, but itself tells about himself much. For natures which appreciate refined classics. Having thrown with a raincoat, it is possible to wander for hours about streets and to splash on pools - London, they somehow do not irritate... And if it was lucky to visit the English house, it is possible to muffle in a plaid at a fireplace - bigger pleasure and not to look for...

4. Reykjavik

Temperature contrast - cold Iceland hotly receives guests. Smiling people and surprising landscapes. Exactly cut lawns and well-groomed houses. Against contrasts you feel some tremendous unity of a civilization and at the same time remoteness from it. Here it is possible to pick up the spirit of city life mixed with the Arctic air. A slow rhythm and snow tops - for those who look for a pacification. The most northern capital of the world does not allow to forget about the isolation. And not for nothing, it it - the world`s end...

5. _____

This column fill

. I think, at everyone is what to remember or what to dream of. There will be that city in which to you it is comfortable also light-- in any company and at any time. Associations - a thing strong. Can with this city you connected very much?.