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How to have a rest cheap and interestingly?

in the conditions of world crisis many people of middle class suffer from - for image losses. It is necessary to save on everything. That who got used to services of personal assistants, most difficult. It is necessary to prepare, to erase, clean and even to drive the car. For some reason personal drivers were dismissed first of all A question of rest for middle class - as if the business card of success. Cruises and the tropical overseas countries were chosen. The native land and remained novel...

Time of summer holidays comes and already today for many of us there is a question of comfortable rest. At the same time economical. That it was not painfully heavy to enter postholiday reality with an empty purse.

Several councils and examples for those who only look for a way to have a rest and save.

Prepare for the departure in advance. Think over everything to trifles. In advance determine that sum which you are going to spend. It is possible to have a rest perfectly absolutely for scanty money. However, for this purpose it is necessary to include own creative.

My familiar friends, having retired, decided to see the world. Bought small things - the Russian souvenirs. Issued international passports and started on on a way. On lifts. Self-locking device. Everywhere traveled together. All last summer they crossed the states and borders. Passed almost all Europe.

They determined at once the sum of money which is ready to be spent for such unusual travel. And it was easy to define it - left several hundreds on life after arrival home, took the rest with themselves. Money is small, and there is a lot of desires.

These cheerful and resourceful travelers stopped on a lodging for the night most often at monasteries or in villages. For a lodging for the night and food from them money was taken by nobody. And still say that people are angry! Never they met any aggression or crime. And even the language barrier was it not a barrier. From travel brought the mass of impressions and many addresses of new friends. This year plan to reach China also.

Excellent rest can be arranged to itself in the Russian remote place today. To remember, at last, that all of us are children of the nature. In rural tourism there are huge pluses. Except low cost, communication with the natural nature opens the creative beginning in each of us. What can be better than morning jog on a soft dewy grass. Odorous stack of new-mown hay. Tender and stupefying. A bath on - black. Pair milk. The attracting herbal tea with svezhenakachanny honey. How many forces the nature pours in you. You come back to the city another as though touched wisdom of the Russian nature and width of soul.

If you got used to have a rest at the sea - the budget travel can be arranged to yourself and there. To take tent, a guitar, a kettle and to go with the amicable company to long ago treasured places. Though this year the prices of private hotels and of the sea considerably fell in price. Them to find the main thing. It is possible to be engaged in such search still at home. For this purpose there is an ubiquitous Internet.

Active economical recreation can be arranged in any point of Earth. Bicycle or a hike with group of tourists. By the way, still it is possible and to earn from it, having organized such campaign.

After healthy rest you begin to understand and appreciate beauty of the native land. The old age of the house will not find me, I on the way, I in way! Do not forget the camera. Let`s ask a photoshoot, the photoreport. Also we will be ready to listen to your enthusiastic stories about unforgettable travel! Prepare for holiday!