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Than it is useful room ginseng or That is able kalanchoe?

Vitamins separately and in a complex, in capsules and solutions, granules and as a part of various dietary supplement - all this will offer you in our drugstores. Once you become interested in their vitamin range, before you on a counter there will be about ten packings some of which you never and in eyes saw (so, quickly enough you will not be able to orient in their need for the health). Besides all this multi-colored pleasure, as a rule, has the notable price.

And how without vitamins to struggle with avitaminosis? - curious citizens will naturally ask. Yes it is very simple! Already there is not the first century as on window sills of our dwellings located such habitual, and therefore often imperceptible by a kalanchoe. Now it will be a question about plumose or Degremon`s kalanchoe.

This perennial evergreen plant with juicy stalks and leaves is not incidentally called room ginseng . Its leaves - the real storeroom of vitamins and other surprisingly useful substances. You judge, here that our biologists found in kalanchoe juice: polysaccharides, flavonoids, minerals, mineral salts, vitamin C, organic acids (apple, oxalic, acetic, lemon).

Unfortunately, not many know that leaves of already called two types of a kalanchoe can be used in food. They are well washed out and, having cut small pieces, add to vinaigrettes, potato salads.

Who especially will like taste of a kalanchoe, can add to small cut leaves the chopped fresh cucumber, also avocado will approach (without peel, cut in small cubes). Any vegetable oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice will add your vitamin salad.

Kalanchoes are especially recommended to those who suffers gingivity and periodontosis. The complex of substances which is contained in this plant exerts beneficial effect on a mucous membrane of a mouth, reduces an inflammation and bleeding of gums.

It is useful to carry out also an irrigation of an oral cavity by kalanchoe juice. It is simple to prepare it: it is good to wash out, cut the lower leaves pieces and to wring out through a gauze or the juice extractor. The irrigation is done by the syringe (better disposable) twice a day after cleaned teeth. It is desirable to prepare fresh juice every day.

It is possible to mass a gum, dipping a middle finger into fresh juice of a kalanchoe. Certainly, previously to wipe hands with alcohol. If to carry out such procedures daily, the condition of gums will surely improve.

As well as from an aloe, from a kalanchoe it is possible to prepare excellent biogenous stimulator (the term belongs to the great Russian scientist V. P. Filatov). Put the cut-off leaves for 12 days on the lower shelf of the refrigerator. In the conditions of darkness and low temperature in them the special substances capable to intensify many vital processes in an organism begin to be produced, to increase its protective forces.

Juice from the leaves which passed such processing is dug in in a nose (3 - 5 drops) before leaving the house. Perhaps, these drops will save you from next colds .

By the way, a kalanchoe you will not confuse with anything. At an adult plant in jags of leaves vyvodkovy kidneys - children are formed. Each such child - future room ginseng . Leaves with children tear off and display the convex lower party up in a box with the earth on distance 10 - 20 centimeters from each other. Edges of leaves powder with a thin layer of the earth and daily water.

In one and a half months of the child manage to get four - six leaves and to be extended to 10 centimeters. Now they can be landed in separate pots and to hope for a good harvest for winter vitamin salads.