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How to convince the child to brush teeth?

Teeth demand daily leaving. It touches both milk teeth, and constants. As soon as the kid has the first tooth, it is necessary to begin to look after him. Injuries of milk teeth can have an adverse effect on formation of constants.

One more reason of need of regular care of children`s teeth is that most of kids adore sweets. Some problems can be prevented, having replaced sweets with fruit. But all the same it is necessary to brush milk teeth.

Sometimes the child, imitating parents, with pleasure brushes teeth. But there are cases when it in any does not agree to take a toothbrush in hand. How to interest the child in this procedure?

1. Buy a beautiful toothbrush.

the Majority of children`s models are very attractive by

to kids. There are toothbrushes which smell candies or fruit delicious. Bright color, the handle in the form of the animation hero, cheerful packing of a children`s toothbrush surely will be pleasant to the child!

It is simple to choose a brush, but also here it is necessary to consider some subtleties:

- it is better to buy a children`s toothbrush in a drugstore;

- select a brush for age (on packing of the majority of models it is specified for what age they are intended);

- give preference to a brush with a soft synthetic bristle as natural is subject to attacks of microbes, it is difficult dried and can even injure gums. Height of a bristle has to be no more than a centimeter;

- toothbrush service life about three months, and then is required to you new;

- do not buy an electric toothbrush if your kid is not three years old yet.

2. Let the kid use tasty toothpaste.

Children`s toothpastes have attractive packing and pleasant taste (strawberries, a chewing gum, caramel). But you should not buy toothpaste only to taste .

Pay attention to its structure and some rules of the use:

- most of pediatricians and stomatologists do not recommend to use toothpaste to children is more junior than two years;

- it is better for smallest to clean teeth toothpaste without fluorine, and in the toothpaste intended for the child 4 years are more senior, fluorine has to be not less than 1000 rrm;

- it is very good if the tin possessing antimicrobic action is a part of toothpaste;

- ksilitol provides protection against caries;

- triklozan possesses preventive action against formation of a dental plaque and a scale.

3. Play!

That the child understood

and remembered that teeth need to be brushed, play with it, for example, such games. the Daily routine

prepare for

pictures with symbolical points of a daily routine of the child In advance. They can be drawn independently, and it is possible to cut out from magazines.

For example:

- the sun - is time to rise;

- a plate with porridge - a breakfast;

- a toothbrush and paste - washing;

- the bicycle - walk;

- the bed and month in a window - are time to sleep.

At first spread out pictures in the correct order. See them together with the kid, accurately pronouncing sequence of actions. Then mix pictures and suggest the child to spread out them in the correct order. Then again mix pictures, having hidden one of them. Let the kid will define what necessary action is missed.

This game will help the child to acquire a daily routine and to remember that some events of his life (a breakfast, washing, toothbrushing etc.) have to occur surely and every day.

Imperial orders

is a game - dialogue which develops attention and communicative abilities. Hourglasses on one or for three minutes will be necessary for you.

Before game declare that you are a tsar. You will give to the kid instructions which he has to execute. Also he will answer your questions.

At first ask in what hand it is necessary to hold a toothbrush. After the correct answer ask the child to show it.

Then ask a question how on a brush to impose toothpaste?

After toothpaste appears on a brush, order to the kid to clean teeth it is so much time how many sand in hourglasses flows from top to down. After this time turn hours and charge to the baby to rinse a mouth.

For the correct performance of tasks award the child (a balloon, reading of the interesting book, an apple etc.)

4. Compose the fairy tale.

Or tell


In the country the Mouth once upon a time there was tooth the Slob. This tooth was cleaned very seldom. Somehow time met it the brother Chistyuley.

The neatnik very much was surprised:

- And why you such yellow, with spots and badly smell?

The slob answered:

- I do not know .

And itself became thoughtful. Then to it Language met.

- Why you are such rough? - asked Language the Slob.

- I do not know, - absolutely was upset dirty zubik and burst into tears.

He cried and thought of how it is opposite to it to go dirty as he likes to bathe and lap and as it is pleasant to it when scratches its back - the girlfriend the Tooth brush soaps. Also it rasperezhivatsya so the Slob that reeled from a grief and the Mouth was going to leave the country, but the Tooth brush with fragrant and soft toothpaste came running here and washed it. The slob all began to shine for pleasure and remained to live in the cozy Mouth!

5. Set an example!

It is, perhaps, the most effective way to teach the child every day and with pleasure to run in a bathroom to wash and brush teeth!

I hope that these recommendations will help you to teach the child to elementary rules of hygiene. Let its teeth will always be healthy!