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Healthy sleep. How to turn dream into reality?

If you can brag of the fact that you have rather sound and healthy sleep - you were lucky. But, unfortunately, every day among us there are more and more those for whom the good dream turns into unrealizable dream. And business here even not that the majority for it just does not have time. Often there is a paradoxical situation: there is a wish to sleep very much, but it is impossible to fall asleep, alas, in any way.

Meanwhile, according to experts, now about 30 percent of the population suffer from sleeplessness. And these figures concern only those who sooner or later, but all - decides to ask for the professional help. And how many still unfortunate which continue to turn every night desperately with a side sideways and do not hope to find normal falling asleep sometime again any more?

The quiet dream gives us strong nerves and a joyful state of mind. And vice versa. You only present how for the morning the person who all night long unsuccessfully tried to fall asleep will feel. Slackness, weakness, lack of concentration of attention, apathy to all events around, powerlessness, despair - these and still will not keep themselves waiting for many similar symptoms from the dawn long.

Sleeplessness is caused by various factors. A stress, concern, a depression, pain or an indisposition, sharp change of a day regimen, change of time zones - here the most common causes of this artful phenomenon. At one it is expressed in falling asleep violation. At others it is frequent night awakenings. In both cases pleasant it is not enough, but you should not lower hands. If your full-fledged dream, and the most important is expensive to you - there is a desire to return itself normal health, then know that it is possible to overcome sleeplessness even with own forces. You do not trust? And you try

1. the Glass of warm milk with honey drunk minutes for fifteen to a dream is capable to calm nerves and to cause drowsiness. This well-tried remedy is checked not by one generation. The most important, choosing this way of fight, to protect itself from other enemies of falling asleep.

2. does not like milk? Try camomile tea with a spoon of honey or cane sugar. Pleasant tender aroma of a camomile will help to relax and throw off from itself the freight of cares which collected in a day. Show in this case small cunning. Create around yourself the special atmosphere of rest. Take a bath, put on a favourite pajamas, give some tea in a beautiful cup, settle in a convenient chair or on a soft sofa, muffle light and be discharged (now till the morning) of all problems concerning you. Stay alone with yourself, with the dreams and only pleasant thoughts.

3. As it was already mentioned above, it is possible to resort to acceptance of the weakening bathtub. Water has to be warm, and as useful addition pay attention to broth of the same camomile or a root of a valerian. The calming salt, the lit candles, quiet music - all this is only welcomed.

4. is Not bad helped also by the massage of feet executed, for example, with aromatic oil of a lavender. It is easy to make massage independently, but at desire it is possible to entrust this pleasant procedure and to hands of the soulmate.

5. If you feel that nightly viewing of the TV before going to bed does not do well to your falling asleep, make experiment. Refuse this habit at least for couple of days. Perhaps, it excites your consciousness and in every possible way interferes with further fast falling asleep.

6. the Same can be told also about the computer. A miracle - technicians try to solve all incomplete affairs with the help with time slightly earlier. And especially refuse electronic communication before going to bed with somebody. Leave this time only for yourself darlings. Any advice to girlfriends, discussion of news, viewing of new messages and letters etc.

7. If you woke up in the middle of the night and understand that the situation repeats: everything, a dream not to return any more... Do not think that again only you waste time. This thought banishes the last hope to fall asleep. If it is not slept at all, tell yourself that this successful time can be spent with advantage. For example, to make a breakfast for the members of household. Sometimes it very much even well works. Laziness to leave a warm bed and to be engaged in the bothered house efforts? It is not excluded that similar thoughts will quickly transfer you instead of kitchen to a desired land of Nod.

8. And do not forget about walks in the fresh air and an obligatory day regimen yet (withdrawal to a dream and awakening at the same time turn into the rule). Avoid the unnecessary use before going to bed of coffee or strong tea. Exclude an overeating, but also do not starve yourself, choose golden mean!

Let time before going to bed will be that delightful moment when all superfluous remains behind a threshold of your bedroom, and the special atmosphere of a cosiness, harmony, tranquility and absolute rest which cannot but guarantee a quiet sleep and pleasant dreams reigns in its walls. Filling up, do not think of anything. Dismiss all plans and ideas for the period of wakefulness. Do not allow even to the most important questions to steal precious minutes of relaxation and restoration from your organism. Only this way it is possible to approach what is called a somnolence. And there, you look, and the powerful dream will not keep itself waiting long!