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Whether is that the general at us with Finns?

1944. Summer. There is a Karelian with the wife on the bank of Lake Onega. By land on the West the motorized column of Finns leaves, on the lake the Soviet boats come nearer. The Karelian thoughtfully looks at these, at those, and speaks to the wife: Look-! Ours still did not manage to leave - already the come back!

Well, apropos ours - exaggeration all this is. Ourselves on ourselves, they are. Both the coat of arms, and the anthem at us different. Though Regarding the state symbolics Finns just the same fumblers, as well as we. We have that initially - Union indestructible republics free . And now? Music - the same, and here words And at our neighbors. Just the same fennel in a kitchen garden. Is from whom to learn. They would be absent to what good

U One is direct in one. In 1846 Yukhan Runeberg wrote and two years published the cult poem later - Our edge . But - in Swedish: V å rt land.

In Swedish, so in Swedish. But hit the bull`s eye of the arising Finnish national consciousness. Yes yes sir that the poem practically at once was set to music by the emigrant from Germany Frederik Patsius. And in May, 1848 Our edge for the first time sounded as the song performed by the academic chorus.

So Finns also sang the informal national anthem in Swedish. Who only did not try to translate it And here all in any way. Only in 1889 Paavo Kayander could. Translated. On Finnish: Maamme. now joyful and cheerful neighbors " Also sing; Our edge and on - Swedish, and on - Finnish. In both state languages of the country. And could and in Russian. Not somebody, and Alexander Blok in 1915 translated:

Our poor edge is gloomy and gray,

But to us patterns of mountains and a shkher -

the Joy, the Unvalued treasure is the most sweet otrad,


is not sung. I think, hesitate.

They are with us not only according to the anthem Here, and on character same, constraining. Is not present to tell - mine so they - ours . And the same Kalevala the epos national, in a universal moneybox.

So neighbors. Got at us. The neighbor of the neighbor from far away and an eye will not peck out. No, of course, differently happened. And ended in a fight. How many our and their children lie under Tolvoyarvi, Suomisalmi or at Pitkyaranta where not so long ago the Cross of grief was established with the embraced Russian and Finnish mothers?. Who old will remember

A who gave to Finland the first Constitution, a representative body of the power, monetary unit or army? No, not we is concrete with you. But emperors and autocrats All-Russian: Alexander I and his namesake, only already the second .

And who on a wave of self-determination of the people signed the Decree about the state independence of Finland? Chairman of Council of People`s Commissars of Century. Ulyanov (Lenin). And with it national commissioners I. Stalin and I. Steinberg.

And who this, the independence granted in December, 1917 next year defended? Our brother, Russian general. What, someone is not aware about Karl Gustav Mannerheim ? Yes, that. The president (on August 4, 1944 - on March 11, 1946) and Marshall of Finland whose line It is working - the Country Red Army stormed in the winter of 1939 - 40 on the Karelian Isthmus. So he was a general - the lieutenant of our armed forces. Imperial Russian (!) Armies. Graduated from the Nikolaev cavalry school. In 1889. That that polveky earlier and Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov when it still School of Guards subensigns was. And the spouse of the marshal, Anastasius Arapov, - from our.

And what, after that someone else doubts that at us with Finns of the general - the car simply? And the cart rather big to it, the trailer Arguments are necessary? Now

Here, for example, about whom say that they do not love fast driving? About us, darling. And the most heavy fine for speeding was paid, by the way, by the owner of the Finnish hockey club Blues of Yussi Salonoya. In February, 2004 the trip down the street with restriction of 40 km with a speed twice of bigger cost it 170 000 euros. No, any typographical error. Hundred seventy thousand. Euro. Just in Finland the size of a penalty depends on the income of the offender. And Yussi it had 7 million. That is not I. That is the Guinness Book of Records. Open, look. Now it and in Russian is.

Or. At whom all Europe points a finger that supposedly such solitude, such Bears it is direct about streets wander. We bears, and Finns with deer and hares are reproached. Well, really, sometimes on streets of the northern Finnish cities it is possible to meet deer. And hares so have a constant city registration. And not only in the north. So it not says about that that a solitude yes a jungle and that kind they. The Finn of the hare and an olenyonka will not offend. And not only them. And we? Too often we long for the kindness Regretted Emel a pike. And it to it? Cut such firewood that hardly - hardly by the end of the fairy tale untangled everything that again on a favourite oven. With quiet conscience

A that solitude Got Nokia phone from a pocket. Looked. And so, for those who else continue to consider this firm Japanese. The Nokia company is founded in 1865 in the small Finnish town of the same name. Of course, it began not with cell phones. From a woodworking, traditional for Finland. In 20 - x years of the last century when rubber business was very popular, even made galoshes.

And what bad that whether Nokia slightly first-ever, in the 19th century, applied umbrella branding when all production - though galoshes though the cut board - was brought to the market under one name? But now, who about it did not hear? Here only in Finland it. Not in Japan. By the way, the same Karl Mannerheim at one time was the owner of the large equity stake of the company and even sat at Council of her directors.

As, it is enough the general ? Ma - it is scarlet?.

So Yes the same Santa - Claus! Which here only - only to the Lapland skipped away, on those deer whom Finns, on us glyadyuch, do not offend. Who thinks there that it is Saint Claus? Aha, any more does not think? And for others backs hid? Correctly hid. Because, maybe, that at all others Santa. And at Finns Both at us - the Father Frost, and at them. Purely the, native Joulupukki - Joulupukki.

In translation, however, the name of the Finnish Father Frost sounds not too nicely - Christmas a trestle. He got so strange nickname thanks to the fact that in Christmas night the people on farms and rural lands put on a goat fur coat and carried gifts on neighbour`s houses. And there lives Joulupukki, is valid in Lapland. More particularly - in the town of Rovaniemi where it has the office and mail which work all the year round. And that nobody doubted that Joulupukki purely Finnish Father Frost, even the Finnish passport is issued to him by the authorities. Where in the column year of birth it is written down: davny - long ago

Here only Unlike our Ded, Joulupukki has not a daughter, the Snow Maiden, and Lawful charming spouse: Youllumuori (Joullumuori) is the Old woman - Christmas.

Not everything Finns have to be in us? Otherwise they would be not Finns, but Russians. But about that, about differences as - nibud another time


as illustrations to article used photos from the websites edu. ru, teivas. com. ua