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Than the understanding " is important; heart philosophies by St. Valentine`s Day?

The Head of all in the person is heart human. It also is a valid person in the person, and all another is an environment... Heart - a root of life and monastery of fire and love

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In the 18th century there was a special vision of the world - cardiocentrism the foundation to which the outstanding philosopher Grigory Skovoroda laid.

G. Skovoroda was born in 1722. Got an education in the Kiev theological seminary, traveled much, was exclusively educated person who is thinly feeling the world. For example, in operating time the teacher of poetics in Pereyaslavsky seminary, Skovoroda wrote a grant for pupils The management about poetry . However the conservative bishop Pereyaslavsky demanded that teaching was conducted according to traditions, in the old manner. Skovoroda did not accept the requirement of the bishop and was dismissed.

Heterodox thoughts of Skovoroda, objectionable to priests, still served as the reason of his dismissal from teaching positions twice. Eventually, Skovoroda chose destiny of the free wanderer. He went on villages, stopped in huts where it was joyfully welcomed, and learned in word and deed. Skovoroda told parables and set an example with the everyday life, explaining what has to be life just, moral.

Morality and righteousness of life are not something like that from what it is possible to wave away. Having spat on morals, it is possible to become, say, the rich man. But it will not bring happiness. Will not bring happiness a carpet from a skin of the last white tiger and the river of martini if under walls in boxes those from whom all this is stolen sleep. It can bring satisfaction - and satisfaction of low, elementary requirements. Needs of an animal . And people that go this way, worry that they have everything, but there is no happiness.

Happiness in heart . In the same place, where also love. Love, this great force which can equally bring both unearthly happiness and an excruciating pain. The cardiocentrism is an attempt to explain what occurs in heart of the person. It is an opportunity to see the whole world through a prism of our heart. An incomparable opportunity to love everything even if during that short moment until we think of this opportunity.

To think to eat of what. How birds in a garden - love to their singing and a sunlight disseminated by splashes in crowns with pleasure sing - unless it is not happiness ?

How the first snow shines and scrunches, a lung whiff of a breeze swept away from the fallen asleep trees under blue - the blue sky - unless is not happiness ?

When you embrace darling and you feel that he also loves you, and nothing around the world this second will separate you - and this great happiness . The price to which is not present.

On St. Valentine`s Day remember everything that makes you happy. Everything that you love sincerely. This day you should not think of fashion, policy and finance. It is time to look at the world through the heart. Tell everything that you love as you love it. Tell it to the sky, the sun, a sculpture, snow, the frozen water, flowers.

Tell all whom you love that they for you the most important people on Earth. They give you great feeling - love.

Be happy this magic day - St. Valentine`s Day!