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How to prepare drunk " chicken;?

With rare exception, described already in our magazine, representatives of chicken breed are not noticed behind the use of alcoholic beverages. But people guessed to present them in " hop; on a dining table. I also am going to acquaint you with several options of preparation of this dish.

Drunk " chicken; number of times

Is the most ordinary recipe representing quite simple salad in preparation. Having cut with cubes 200 g of boiled chicken meat, 100 g of the boiled champignons and couple of marinated cucumbers, it is necessary to salt and pepper to taste, to mix, fill with two tablespoons of vegetable oil and a stogrammovka of dry white wine. That`s all.

Drunk " chicken; number two

the Carcass of a chicken need to be chopped on medium-sized pieces. Having salted and having strewed with suitable spices (on an own discretion), it is necessary to wrap up each piece a strip of smoked fat, and then to extinguish in white wine (from 50 to 100 g) to semi-readiness on the frying pan greased smaltsy.

Having sent after that the preparation shifted in a form and watered with 200 g of sour cream to an oven, it is required to bring its contents to a ruddy crust and to give.

Drunk " chicken; number three

This option more labor-consuming. The carcass of chicken is cut on 4 parts, fried in the warmed oil and then 10 minutes together with the crushed tomato without thin skin, a pounded garlic glove and the chopped parsley branch are still extinguished.

Having added straws from 250 g of gammon and half a kilo of smoked sausages, it is necessary to sustain 10 more minutes on fire and to water with a sherry glass, a trace to put sugar, a third of a teaspoon of mix from ground cinnamon, carnations, a nutmeg, on a half of a glass of small iskroshenny almonds and prunes.

Solidification of sauce will be a sign of readiness of a dish which falls down breadcrumbs (there will be enough quarter of a glass) and moves to a table that is called with a heat - about a heat.

Drunk " chicken; number four

Can be used instead of one wine brand " cocktail; (for example, on 300 g of dry champagne and dry white plus 50 g of brandy). This quantity will be enough for preparation of 500 g of chicken legs which need to be fried with the cut apples (better green, in number of 4 - 5 pieces) in oil to golden flush . Then to pour in brandy (what the frying pan will answer with vigorous hissing). Now it is possible to shift legs and apples in deep ware, to pour in champagne, wine and slightly - slightly waters, to extinguish 30 - 40 minutes then to salt and pepper.

But, while getting around to business, you should not hurry to refuse what remained on a frying pan. Let boils on itself weak fire until we dissolve couple of teaspoons of brown, i.e. cane sugar here and we will pour out one dessertspoon of the starch divorced in kiselny proportions, i.e. two and a half - three glasses of water. So sauce on the fan to the main food will turn out.

But if you want to know even more about drunk hens, all right.

Drunk " chicken; number five

Try to divide a carcass into ten parts, and then to lay them in a pan, having added an integral bulb and the cut ginger back, to fill in with water, hardly covering with it meat, to bring to boiling, to remove foam (or to merge water, having filled in fresh boiled water) and to hold on slow fire, without closing, a quarter of hour.

Having removed ware from fire, to cover and allow to cool down to room temperature. Then to get chicken from broth, to rub with salt, to turn in a culinary film and to send to the refrigerator for a couple of hours. And now it is time to be engaged in chicken broth.

Having removed it from fire, we will get rid of a fatty film on a surface, we will add to taste of cinnamon, anisetree, pepper, a lavrushka and we will return on the set on fire plate. In a few minutes after boiling we will filter and we will cool. And after that we will arrive in absolutely unusual way.

Having divided into halves broth the same volume of dry wine, we will fill in with this mix chicken meat, we will tighten a film and we will return to the refrigerator even on two - three days, i.e. so as far as there will be enough patience. And then it is possible also composition with ornament greens to do and to remove test. Long and difficult, there is nothing to tell. But the road will be developed by going!

But also it is yet not the last recipe. You see chicken can to become tipsy not only from wine, but also from beer (certainly, it it is required more). So we continue.

Drunk " chicken; number six

Having chopped a carcass on pieces, we spread it in a form for roasting, we salt, we pepper, we add favourite spices to taste, we fill in with a half liter bottle of beer (some consider that surely dark, others consider it insignificant) and we place in the oven warmed to 180 degrees. In 40 - 45 minutes we check readiness. Not too troublesome, truth?

But if there is a wish to conjure at a plate, then

Drunk " chicken; number seven

At first should prepare for

mix from 100 g of mayonnaise or sour cream, two garlic gloves, salt and pepper, then to cover with this structure a chicken carcass and to leave alone for 15 - 20 minutes. Besides, it is required to cut separately 2 onions and two carrots, a glass of prunes.

A half of mass of each ingredient should be put layers on a form bottom in the same sequence in what they are just listed, from above to lay chicken and to repeat layers upside-down (prunes - carrots - onions).

Among additional components some hostesses / owners add to the middle of chicken boiled rice, others - even crude, the third prefer instead of it potatoes. Everyone can solve it.

Having filled in finally future dish with beer so that becoming tipsy the bird under it disappeared, it is possible to cover a form and to send to an oven of minutes so on 40. But which - who trains the same on a frying pan, adding to chicken only onions. whether

Is so important how many recipes?

... Generally, in what - in what, and in cookery at everyone own taste and own approach. And it - no other than freedom of creativity, so? And therefore " options; drunk " chicken; number eight, nine, to nadtsat - for you. I will be glad if share.