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What actually are social networks?

Recently the strange habit strongly entered life of many Internet users. Except quite normal cups of coffee with sandwich since morning, a shower and a morning toilet, a day lunch, chatter about anything, evening reading newspapers and viewing of the TV, appeared thirst for social networks.

Absolutely imperceptibly, as well as mobile phones, they captured the improbable number of people. Let`s tell, in a network of more than 24 million people are registered already. - more than 20 million. The declared daily (!) the gain of participants of the international MySpace network which got the Russian analog recently makes 250 thousand users.

By the definition given in the Internet - encyclopedias, the social network is the network directed to creation of communities on the Internet from people with similar interests and/or activity. Communication is carried out by means of service of internal mail or an instant exchange of messages . People long since united in communities proceeding from lines which did their close friend to the friend. But never before history knew communities, so large-scale.

Visit of the personal page becomes a daily ceremony of the person. At best daily visit. In the worst it is possible to observe the real mania: the person is daily shipped in communication with people whom he never saw in a face and everything that knows about them - the modest shred of information which is laid out in the questionnaire. What danger of this phenomenon can consist in?

Around the world periodically the projects connected with electronic entertainments become more active: the government introduces all new restrictions for various games which can influence mentality of the person, parents toughen control of children, and psychologists deal with numerous problems of the little and already rather adult patients who cannot adapt to real life.

Once loudly the problem of loss of ability to adapt in the company of the child who spends a long time at the computer, in the imagined worlds sounded. With the advent of a possibility of mass Internet access this problem seriously became aggravated. To the child, and after and to the teenager, virtual friends, people on that side of the monitor, replace real-life communication. It often brings to numerous psychological, and sometimes and to mental disorders, not to mention considerable negative influence on physical health and development.

So why the question of the social networks causing obvious psychological dependence is ignored? The person, if does not check the page, regarding new messages, photos or whether other participant added him as a friend, feels very uncomfortably, inconveniently, sometimes is even nervous. And especially sharp dispute, from those that often inflame in groups on interests can pour out in a stress or a depression.

I urge you to pay attention to this danger! You can be subject to it and your children! Perhaps, it is worth offering illusion of communication in virtual space in favor of psychological health and comfort: to come for walk in park, to descend on a party to true friends or in theater with people dear to you instead of waiting when the next faceless person adds or will not add you in friends ?