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As whom build on House 2 ?

Admit that after the working day when brains do not perceive information of useful character, I sometimes relax them under such here accompaniment Houses - 2 . I am not fan, I do not send SMS to support, I do not believe in sincerity of heroes and in a program slogan. Just serialchik, such substitute of children`s happiness Elaine and children ...

How leaders of this TV called - a unique person units managed to build the love, to construct it there, probably. Several loving couples - here, perhaps, and result. Though results of material character much more: several built houses in Moscow area with the personal plot, several city apartments. I do not speak about net profit of participants. Did not check purses, but, I think, they are held there by not sports interest, but quite accurate financial incentives. Otherwise, simply for what to live? This the first that in itself is dispelled by an image of the lonely and eager for love romantics.

The second that directs at deep doubts - an immemorial question of the project: With whom to build the relations? . It is unlikely in love he in general will come to the person to mind. It as self-evident... And to declare itself in couple at all sounds ridiculously. If you doubt - just transfer these phrases to real life and offer the young man (or the girl) to declare itself in couple. If, at least, twist at a temple - means, I am right...

It is necessary to pay tribute to an enterprise vein of producers of the channel. From the next invention of a reality - show it turned into a long-playing record which every day sounds more and more jammed. But money it brings considerable. So unless are terrible To the House - 2 all threats of closing and reproaches? At least, participants pick up this wave very quickly and will not refuse a salary for life in front of chambers.

Puppet theater? Yes, it is probable. At least, judging from the fact that show to the all-consuming viewer, at constant showdowns also to build something it is simply unreal. And houses on the platform grow as mushrooms. That is them is that build. But the real destination was probably already erased, and they turned from potential remuneration into the teleplatform long ago.

Participants in the bulk the - people of temporary professions with incomplete education, representatives of vain youth who see in it new opportunities for public relations, glory or career. But in that case start quite doubtful and not prestigious.

The advice to parents of children, whose minds got stronger insufficiently to distinguish true from false: to forbid to look to sense it is not enough, only you will earn the conflict. Explain intelligibly that the television is a manipulation, and it is possible to show anything. And to learn to build love passive supervision over people is how to learn to ride a bicycle without bicycle.

So just let know that it is successful game and to perceive tomfoolery of adults in the closed space as something more - it is absolutely silly. And if your child understands the bases of the economy, explain that such show - business... He will understand.