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How many pseudonyms, novels and women famous Georges Simenon had?

on February 13, 1903 in the Belgian city of Liege in a family of the insurance agent Simenon the son called rather floridly was born: Georges Joseph Kristian. Perhaps, it was desire of mother of the baby - Genriyetta who was very unusual person. For example, having given birth to the child on February 13, she to protect him from future misfortunes, all - 13 - unhappy number - she, having hardly recovered from childbirth, hurried in local municipality to correct the certificate that the child was born on February 12 in 23. 30.

Cure or confectioner?

cannot tell

I that it was very very young girl - all - 23 years, but in dolls, apparently, did not play enough yet. And still it had a fixed idea that Georges Joseph Kristian by all means became a priest and served a mass in one of local temples. For this purpose the boy began to be driven on each Sunday service, hardly he started walking. .

However, Genriyetta was very quickly convinced that the kid not really likes to listen to praises to God, he constantly turns and creates problems for people around. But, if mother was also upset, then it is not enough: eventually, if at it the talent in confectionery business wakens over time - too it will be quite good!

And you, Semenov, I will ask to remain!

But the person believes, and God has! It did not turn out from Simenon - younger either the cure, or the confectioner. But very much early it stretched to the Russian students who rented the room at the modest insurance agent. They also explained to the inquisitive boy that any he is not Simenon, and most likely, Semenov. And his great-grandfather is, apparently, the Russian soldier with such surname, it was taken prisoner by French during various fighting collisions between French and Russians at the beginning of the 19th century. And then he married the Frenchwoman and its surname began to sound in the French style.

Daddy is Simenon, having heard such version from the son and a question: whom was it, the father, the grandfather, only shrugged shoulders: Yes what to you difference? Ask the grandfather! . But also the grandfather not really - that helped to establish truth, having told only that, apparently, that was a miner. That is disproved nothing, but also did not confirm. Why not to become the soldier in a peace time the miner?

Mysterious Russian guys acquainted the boy with Gogol`s works, Dostoyevsky, Chekhov. Of course, the Frenchman of the Belgian origin could not understand up to the end juicy Little Russian language of Gogol or psychological subtleties of prose of Dostoyevsky, but in Chekhov it liked how the classic is able to find room for morality in the story, short on volume...

Brevity sister of talent? Not always...

At that time time seemed to Simenon that the story is less, the it is easier to write it. And it is only considerable later he understood how he was mistaken. For the rest he was an ordinary Frenchman: elegant, eloquent, capable to bullshit not to one maiden head. Though in college to it circumstances did not allow to study up - the father was seriously ill. It was necessary to throw study and to go to army. And after service and death of the father, earning additionally in the local newspaper the journalist, George heard council from the senior companion: What did you forget in our provincial town? Go to Paris, so far young! .

Simenon at that time met the nice girl Regina Renshon who was called by Tizh of and . It lit up too dream to go to Paris together with the beloved. But the girl`s parents, people of very Puritan views, set a severe condition before George: marry, and then take away our girl though on the world`s end.

And for the sake of it should have married?

What it was necessary to do to the guy? Married and took away! But as often happens in life, having hardly met the half, he suddenly found out that around it others halves fuss and constantly confuse him. However, at first 21 - the summer spouse kept adequately, and did not give a reason for jealousy.

Their interests differed: Tizhi seriously was fond of painting, George earned additionally in newspapers the court reporter. Once it, having read the next fiction, exclaimed: I can write not worse! . Also sat down for the manuscript. However, its first fictional experience - Novel of the typist - did not bring special glory to the beginning writer. But Simenon was the most real workaholic - from 1924 to 1934 he wrote about 300 (!) novels. It spent for some of them on five - six days and separate copies took away from it months and years...

Meanwhile, at Tizhi everything was set better. Her pictures quickly became popular that gave the chance to George to joke in bohemian salons, answering a question: What are you? extremely simply: Husband of the famous artist! .

However, to work it was necessary not so long, only several years. Once Tizhi came back home before usual and found out that her spouse has with might and main a good time from the maid. The first thought of the deceived spouse was to leave in a huff and never to open it any more. But by then the situation changed nearly on opposite: Simenon ascended in glory peak while of Tizhi the public was already satiated with pictures.

Having talked with voices raised during three - four hours, spouses came to a uniform denominator: for all friends and acquaintances they remain the husband and the wife, but from this day no sex between them will exist. Whether the wife benefited from it? I find it difficult to tell. But the fact that Simenon went racing - an indisputable fact.

Fishers like to exaggerate a catch...

he wrote

at the beginning of life Intimate memoirs in which highlighted that had sexual contacts with ten thousand women. Researchers of life and creativity, naturally, began to doubt, accurately counted all women whose fleeting or long communication with the master of a detective genre was proved. Of course, as true fisher monsieur Simenon considerably exaggerated amount of production . But also spisochek from about one and a half thousand seductresses looks more than impressive! In this plan could compete with it unless other hunter to female caress - Lope de Vega. there is no

of Love, there are no weddings...

to me was very interesting to learn

that his most captious reader told concerning its first book about the commissioner Megre. Fortunately, history kept this fragment. When the publisher Feyar read work about future great detective, he told approximately so: What you, as a matter of fact, here scribbled? Your novel is not similar to the present detective story. The detective novel develops as a game of chess: the reader has to have all data. You have nothing similar. And your commissioner at all not perfection - is not young, is not charming. The victims and murderers do not cause either sympathy, or antipathy. Everything comes to an end sadly. There is no love, weddings too. It is interesting how you hope to carry away all this public? .

But as soon as Simenon gave a hand to take away the manuscript, the publisher quickly hid a pile of the printed sheets for a back and declared: As soon as you write 6 novels, you bring them. We will publish them on one in a month .

Went 1931 - y year. Simenon still loved the Tizhi and wanted to make her pleasant. It continued the novels about the commissioner Megre. And they often appearing quicker than each new party of pies on a frying pan, kept public in impatient expectation.

George put the last end to the last novel in far 1972. Later he wrote only memoirs. And all who saw it could not but be surprised to that change which happened to the venerable author. He constantly smiled and spoke: At last it released me, and I can live as the ordinary person! . By then the number of novels passed for 500.

And here literary pseudonyms was much less, only... 16! And they signed about 200 novels including a favourite pseudonym Georges Sim. From them 76 novels and 26 stories are devoted to the commissioner Megre

So the number of women exceeded number of the written books approximately three times. And that the truth - to persuade the daughter three times easier than Eve, than to write the novel!

the Daughter paid for the father`s sins?

A still it had a beloved daughter from the second wife. He loved it gently, forgiving literally all for the line written to the address daddy`s darling . For 8 years he presented it a wedding ring from pure gold which she did not leave. But after several unsuccessful attempts to become the singer Mari - Joe fell into a deep depression. And in one sunny May day when 25 years were it, it suddenly shot to itself at heart from the gun. In the suicide note the daughter asked the father to leave it a ringlet and to bury her ashes under 300 - a summer cedar which grew in their garden.

George complied with the daughter`s request. And 11 years when 86 - the summer writer felt approach of death later, he wrote the will in which asked to cremate after his death a body, and ashes to dispel over this cedar.

Georges Simenon died on September 4, 1989. The last will of the dead was executed