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Whether you are ready to game on FOREX?

Ya think, many from the Internet - users faced information on FOREX . There is a huge number of broker companies, dealing centers, on web - the websites of which meet tempting offers to begin trade in currency. In the same place the fast way to enrichment is specified. It looks approximately so:

1) to Open the account

2) to Install the trade

3 terminal) to Deposit funds

4) to Make trade operation

5) to Remove profit

At beginners, perhaps, eyes at the sight of this magic formula of creation of the capital will light up . But whether so everything is simple actually? It is probable what is not present. Otherwise every second would be a successful trader. The statistics says: only 10% of beginners pass into the category of successful traders. You want to be among them? Yes! - I hear a cheer. Here and well, let`s find out what stands behind their success?

1) Education . Before trade on FOREX special training makes sense to take place. You need to know accurately: what is of FOREX as it functions when to enter into the market when to leave what methods and ways of the analysis of the market exist; it is necessary to know bases of the technical and fundamental analysis.

By the way, many neglect this point. And having only filled enough cones, recognize that having a complex of specific knowledge, could avoid many silly mistakes.

2) The developed analytical thinking . The analysis - here on what the trader spends the most part of time. He analyzes the market for definition of the successful moments of opening and closing of positions. Also analyzes the mistakes. All are mistaken: beginners and professionals. The mistake price of FOREX - a real loss of money! Therefore ability to see mistakes, to understand their reasons and not to allow in the future is very important. Only this way also become masters.

3) Discipline. the self-discipline is more right! One of the most difficult things, in my opinion! Each serious trader has trade system, i.e. a complex of tools of the analysis by which is guided at trade. Not everyone can accurately follow trade system. It is necessary to be strong not to give in on tricks of the market, on its false signals; not to do nonsenses if suddenly trade did not go; not to lower the earned money; correctly to estimate a trend and to leave from fight (i.e. to close a position) with profit! Also the trader in the course of trade should be at war with the emotions: fear, greed, alarm, bitterness; to cope with a stress. Only the strong and self-disciplined trader is able to sustain such psychological loadings.

Besides, successful traders are on friendly terms with the " market; i.e. open the positions in that direction where the market moves, but do not go against it. Remember: it is impossible to beat or win against the market - you for it a drop in the ocean. Go together with the " market; to creation of the capital .

And now answer for yourself: whether I am ready to successful trade on FOREX ? Do I have necessary knowledge, abilities and irresistible desire to become the successful trader ? If the answer affirmative - I is glad for you!

If is not present, well, study, conduct a correction of mistakes and the main thing - do not throw begun. Then, I hope, and you will get to those 10% of lucky - financially independent people!