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As the English dogs bark and the English doors of

Some of our team - " online project creak; Zapominalki for the English words - use the

I iPhone this some :) it happened to download from App Store the comic book under the name Oz The Manga recently (among other things, it appears - to read quite curious occupation the English comics on iPhone:)

Under it, it seems the unfamiliar name, the fairy tale famous to us which at us appears under the name " disappears; Wizard of the emerald city .

I do not undertake to understand what here interrelations between the Russian and English fairy tales, can experts will speak on this subject. I personally can only assume for the general reasons that in the beginning the English option was written, then in some way appeared Russian-speaking

But it is not it, it so, to the word:)

Interestingly another, in this English comic book was found out that the English dogs bark not as ours!:)

As usual bark our dogs and doggies? - gav , gav - if big and angry and if it is less, then approximately so - av , av , type yelps:)

And here the English dog of Toto, the friend of the girl of Dorothy, barks here so - of arf , of arf - see the first picture (on it it is possible to click and it will increase) reminds

ours A little - av , av , only with the English accent and writing - of arf , of arf , and even with English is unpronounceable - the growling letter r :)

We probably will not be mistaken if we tell that also other English dogs bark:)

And now we will look how the English doors creak:) (here too it is possible to click on the picture and it will increase) to

I it is interesting too. Our doors creak approximately so - a scratch , a scratch . And apparently in the second drawing the English doors creak a little differently. If to try to translate :), it will turn out approximately so - of skrt or if absolutely in Russian - skrt

Here such interesting linguistic features? :)

P. S.

After the publication of this article here, on the website Life Marianna Vlasova paid our attention that the English dog barks so: bow - wow

We, of course, were puzzled in the beginning, but then understood that it is different dogs! :)

As well as Russian-speaking dogs :) English-speaking are big and small.

Apparently in our drawings Toto is a small doggie therefore she also barks arf, arf that corresponds to the Russian yelping - av, av

And here big English dogs, most likely, bark bow, bow that corresponds to Russian gav, gav

Here it turned out linguistic and culturological continuation of the subject :)

P. P. S.

Article acquires details of :)

Marianna Vlasova added the reference to online - the translator of Yandex and I did not believe the eyes:)

I quote exile and transfer:

We come on yandex. ru, we establish target language English we enter bow - wow also we get the following transfer:

1) gav - gav (imitation of dog bark)

I slightly from a chair did not fall - both from surprise, and from fun of :)

Here is how it appears, in dictionaries there are translations even of dog words! :)

A still I was right, still even without knowing exact :) translation that bow - wow it is translated :) as gav, gav but not av, av

Generally, I think also at you, dear readers, began twinkles in eyes and in language after reading these linguistic details of :)

One but previously it was necessary to know what word to enter in the translator! :) with

generally, I suggest to add dictionary base of Lingvo and to add there such article:

arf, arf - av, av (imitation of bark of small doggies)

Who for? :)